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mary1967 Dec 13th 2008 11:30 pm

Re: good schools in perth area

Originally Posted by Lenmil (Post 7064761)
I will remind every one that is an open public forum. Do not post information on here that can be seen and used by others.

a bit late for me, hopefully it'll be a warning to others!

This is a web site for helping people with living in different countries. It is not for personal attacks and will not be tollerated.

Please do not post accusations in any way or agressive comments. They will be removed and may result in ban for the poster.

Things can go wrong and people can get very emotional with schools and their kids. I have been in several situations my self here in Oz and NZ and the UK. So please calm down. Any way it's nearly Christmas.

I'm calm, but I've have decided BE isn't for me. I've already asked Sue to delete my profile.

Pollyana Dec 14th 2008 4:55 am

Re: good schools in perth area
I am going to wade in here to back up Lenmil and explain some of my editing.

Please please if you have a personal issue to take up with another poster do not do it on the forum. And as has already been said, can everyone please remember that whatever is said on here is said in the public domain. It happens too often and can have wide-rangng consequences for the people concerned - it can impact on their jobs or on their visas, especially if the allegations on here are not totally accurate.

Can we please now get back to a logical discussion.

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