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Em and Rob Mar 17th 2008 2:19 am

Re: girls coffee met in buderim area
mmmmm I might feel it at times but I am not quite that old :-)

allison Mar 17th 2008 2:28 am

Re: girls coffee met in buderim area

Originally Posted by Em and Rob (Post 6072022)
Hey - love the sound of these meets - new to Maloolaba and both eager to mingle. 'Laudami' - drag me out as an exercise partner when you get here!! We have been here for just over a year where we lived in Brisbane until a few weeks ago, and I haven't put my trainers on since we arrived!! A 9 mth pregnancy in that time is a little defence, but that said, with the extra layers a pregnancy leaves behind someone out there needs to force me into those trainers. But of course I would much rather drink coffee and/or wine with you :rofl:
Let us know about any meets as we would love to join you all ....
Emma - 333 - Rob - 33 - Fraser 12 weeks :-)

PM me and I will give you my mobile number. Usually meet every friday. One of my friends has a 7 week old baby so am trying to get her out too once she establishes a routine! My daughter is 3 now. can't believe where the time has gone.
Allison 36, Andy 31, Aimee 3 x

Em and Rob Mar 17th 2008 4:08 am

Re: girls coffee met in buderim area
Thanks Allison - will do. Good to hear there are opportunities to meet other mothers in the 'sleep deprivation club' too :thumbsup:

laudami Mar 17th 2008 9:51 pm

Re: girls coffee met in buderim area
Hi there! we arrive on the 7th April so i will be in touch! you have been busy then havent you!:)
We will look at Buderim, Sunshine Beach, Coolum as soon as we arrive to see which area we would like to settle in oh and the schools too! Our son is 11 but we too plan on having more and are planning on starting shortly after getting there! oh the joys of motherhood-only 12 years age gap-crickey!! I want to start yoga when we arrive do you know of any classes?defo go running .....on the beach :thumbsup:

Em and Rob Mar 19th 2008 7:59 am

Re: girls coffee met in buderim area
You will be here before you know it! :teeth_smile:
Your choice of areas to live are all amazing places - be ready to find it almost impossible to choose. I haven't sniffed out any exercise classes yet as I am still somewhat in denial about the need to exercise :rofl: - this area is a bit inconsiderate though at making you feel guilty - take a stroll along the front at any given time past 5pm and you find yourself in the rush hour traffic of joggers - really, can't they do it in private!! I will be joining the girls for coffee next Friday in Buderim - so hope to see you there soon.....

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