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easygroove Oct 17th 2006 12:02 am

Finanacial Advisors - Sydney?

Were Temp Residents on a 457 and are also expecting our first baby in Jan. Consequently our PR application is 'on hold' which means our plans to buy a house and arrnage a mortgage are also on hold.

Our super contributions are 'low' as we claim LAFA and should probably be making additional contributions to super funds. Also, not entirely sure what we should do with our UK pensions, what options do we have to transfer etc.

With junior on the way i'd like to get some sound advice on the issues raised above. Can anyone recommend a financial advisor in Sydney that could assist with planning for a mortage, super + UK pensions, savings etc.



C&V Oct 17th 2006 2:45 am

Re: Finanacial Advisors - Sydney?

I haven't used this person myself, but my boss highly recommended her. Details below:

Simeon Levin
Authorised Representative of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd AFSL 234951

C/- SIMFIN Pty Ltd
119 Willoughby Road, CROWS NEST, NSW, 2065
Locked Bag 2000, CROWS NEST, NSW, 2065

Tel: 02-9956-3835 Fax: 02-9420-3111

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