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KerrieM Nov 26th 2005 3:33 pm

Cathy Pacific. Not emmigration friendly
Hi, new poster here, have been using my parents account for over a year for all the useful advise found. However I would now like to provide some. If you are planning on emmigrating...use singapore airlines. They give you double baggage no proble, for emmigrating...even if you hold a return ticket.
Unfortunatly I have booked with Cathy Pacific and I am already regretting this. They give you 20kg luggage and when i eventually got through to someone i could actually speak to on the phone they only allow double baggage if you pay extra for their migration flights.

In Singapore Airlines for excellent customer service and helpful staff etc plus no qualms with double baggage(which we all need!!) and also they are a company that actually answer telephones and emails

Cathy Pacific...forget about them. I just now hope my flight goes well in February.

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