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JAJ Feb 6th 2005 3:01 am

Re: Can a UK bankrupt get a visa for Australia?

Originally Posted by synchronicity
I'm interested in emigrating to Australia and am considering going bankrupt in the UK. (I've got two debtors who owe me a substantial amount of money and it doesn't look like it's going to come through any time soon). :(

Can anyone help with the following questions?

1) Does being declared bankrupt in Britain have an affect on the application process?

2) Would it be possible to move to Australia before the bankruptcy is discharged? Or would I need to wait until my debts were reorganised/paid off? (I would be discharged after a year in the UK).

3) Would there be a ‘minimum funds requirement’, i.e., a set amount of money that I would need to bring with me?

4) Does anyone know a good immigration consultant (either in the UK or Australia) where I can get answers to these questions free of charge?

Incidentally, I would probably apply for a Skilled Visa but could also be sponsored by my (defacto) partner.

Thanks in advance for any help. It's appreciated :)

I'd suggest you need some professional advice in the UK as to what impact moving to Australia will have on your bankruptcy. Also some advice in Australia on what impact a UK bankruptcy will have in terms of what you can do in Australia (you may need to declare it in some circumstances)

Being bankrupt is not normally a bar to being granted an Australian visa, other than a business skilled one. However DIMIA will be interested to know how you intend to support yourself in Australia and may ask for a discretionary assurance of support as a result (or in extreme cases even refuse your application).

Skilled visa or spouse - there are pros and cons to each route (assuming you qualify for both), but you'd need some professional advice to work this out in detail. Hardly any reputable immigration consultant will give this kind of detailed advice out for free.


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