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lolylew Sep 24th 2007 8:49 pm

Re: Bromsgrove/Worcestershire meet

Originally Posted by helen roberts (Post 5349919)
Hi Lisa

Only just found this thread but love the idea of meeting up with other people planning to do the same thing! Am in Redditch but would love to meet up when the next one happens.

Thanks Helen

hi helen,
we're doing one around end'ish november time (hopefully people might have acknowledgements and possibly even case officers by then (god willing:eek:)-will let everyone know through this thread nearer the time. but i think 'posh10' has organised one in minworth :unsure: (correct me if i'm wrong) in october.
here is the link :
not sure if we can go yet?

will probably do the november one at the same place as the last one, in bromsgrove as its near the m5 & m42

helen roberts Sep 24th 2007 10:58 pm

Re: Bromsgrove/Worcestershire meet
Thanks Lisa

Will look forward to that and hearing everyone' stories! Not got too far ourselves yet as we are trying to go the sponsorship route next summer. Going for a research trip in Feb, though, so that should be very exciting!


lolylew Nov 9th 2007 10:06 am

Re: Bromsgrove/Worcestershire meet
hi everyone,

have started a new meet up thread for december.

doing a poll for the dates people prefer - add your preferences to the thread.


lolylew Nov 13th 2007 5:49 pm

Re: Bromsgrove/Worcestershire meet

Originally Posted by lolylew (Post 5532645)
hi everyone,

have started a new meet up thread for december.

doing a poll for the dates people prefer - add your preferences to the thread.


hi guys,
any takers (only had 2 responses so far) :blink:
click on the thread just above to see all the details.
would love to see you all


lolylew Jan 7th 2008 8:27 pm

Re: Bromsgrove/Worcestershire meet

just to let you know (those of you who arnt registered on the bromsgrove/worcestershire meet thread no2) - we have arranged a new meet if anyone would like to come. MEET NO'3.

Sunday January 20th @ 1.30pm

Brewsters Fayre Pub ('The Guild')
Birmingham Road
B61 0BA
08701 977044

try for a spot at the left side of the pub - whoever gets there first, like before!!!

please add your name to the forum if you can come - here is the link:


posh10 Jan 8th 2008 8:25 pm

Re: Bromsgrove/Worcestershire meet
hi lisa

hope its all going well, see ur meds were recieved 10th dec thats when we got our CO !! amazing eh.
house not on the market as we are thinking of renting it out, instead had a look on a thread bout renting tonight and it looks ok. Gives us a property still here too for investment. other than that though AUCTION is still a could be lol.
we are just waiting for our visa now everthing been done meds 19th dec and PC's sent so awaiting the golden

will let u know on the 20th as its my nephews birhday so not sure what happening as it will be our last one here wih him for a bit but will keep u posted.

Jope u all had a fantastic christmas and new year.

Victoria and steve how are ur plans coming on with the decision of oz ??

Helen when do u go to Oz if its soon have a gr8 time.

Diane & Mic

lolylew Apr 18th 2008 8:39 am

Re: Bromsgrove/Worcestershire meet
just thought i'd let you know, a new meet up has been arranged if anyone would like to come here is the link:

please pop your name on it so we have an idea of numbers :thumbup:


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