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suzyambrose Apr 23rd 2008 4:49 pm

Baby feeding times UK to Oz please help!!
Hi we're going to Perth next week and have a 6 month old son and just wondered how I would alter his feeding times from Uk to Oz. He'll be expecting his lunch at bedtime and so on... don't wanna let him go hungry to adapt to the time change but dont wanna be giving him his tea in the middle of the night either please help!

Swins Apr 23rd 2008 6:46 pm

Re: Baby feeding times UK to Oz please help!!
Afraid there isn't too much you can do here. We travelled a lot with our little one (now 2) and we found (and hopefully you will too) that kids are very good at adapting and won't take too long to sort out the timings. You don't say if this is a permanent move or not? If you are only going for a short time try and work out the best situation as you will have the same issues coming home too. Also the flights, disruption to routine and temperature change all affected our little one, so by the time we got there he had no idea of day/night meal times, etc, so we just let him go through a bit hungry and tired until bedtime and he slept though and woke up at about 6 am, which was acceptable for us.

All I can say is take it as it comes as you can't really prepare for or change what will happen and you know your child better than anyone as to what change they would/wouldn't cope with. Also remember that you will also be out of sync so for the first day or 2 you may be up in the middle of the night to feed anyway!

Good luck with it and enjoy Perth, we are off there next year, forever (hopefully!!!)

melbert Apr 23rd 2008 6:49 pm

Re: Baby feeding times UK to Oz please help!!
I agree with "swins", we travelled to NZ and Oz with a 51/2 month old and she was much better at adapting than we were, she also slept nearly the whole way which was a real bonus. I would advise that you take your own blanket for the bassinet cot as the one they supply gets full of static, every time you touch your baby, you'll probably get a little shock!!

Have a great time!


Babycatcher Apr 23rd 2008 8:49 pm

Re: Baby feeding times UK to Oz please help!!
I travelled with both of mine when they were babies and agree they adapted quite well. Babies wont go hungry it's whether or not you can cope if middle of the night feeds start again! My daughter did wake early (5 a.m.) for a few days so I started to wake her for a feed when I went to bed and that sorted her out. Good luck :)

quoll Apr 23rd 2008 9:07 pm

Re: Baby feeding times UK to Oz please help!!
Only trouble I ever had was travelling with one at 12 weeks and he was a bit resistant to having his schedule changed - it took a few days to get him sorted but when we came back here he was 5 months and we had no problems at all, he just slipped right back into a normal pattern. I wouldnt worry about it.

suzyambrose Apr 24th 2008 5:56 am

Re: Baby feeding times UK to Oz please help!!
Thanks to everyone for your help, you've put my mind at rest!

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