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Keith Moon Jun 30th 2010 1:25 pm

Any nurses make a AP Comp Contribution - Tax Help

The missus, she has been paying a AP Comp Contribution in her wages every week. What is it?

She is an RGN Nurse, in the Redland Bay area..

Its just on average she paid $95.00 bucks a fortnight, and in total she paid $675.00 bucks. She paid tax on the contribution money first then paid the contribution. So in reality it is a taxed contribution, so can it be claimed against? So say tax was a cross the board 20%, she could claim 675/80*20 = so $168.75 bucks?

Also how come there is no online tax calculator on the ATO site for 2010 - 2011?

One last thing, do you just down load the software from the ATO site, and fill in the relavent information to calculate your etax?


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