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Pablo Picasso Jul 4th 2002 10:46 am

AHC London
As we are all quick to complain at the snail pace of processing at AHC in London, I thought it only fair to report how quick our turnround was.

We were initially told that for our 457ie visa there was a current 7 week backlog, which was rising all the time due to priority cases being processed. On June 20th (day 3 of the eighth week) our medical request letter arrived.

These were duly sent back to AHC on monday July 1st (Royal Mail tracking said it was delivered at 06:08 on July 3rd.....quality 1st Class post we have eh???)

To my surprise and obviously great delight, the postman delivered the visa acceptance letter today (4th July) with the request for us to send passports. The letter was also dated July 3rd!!!! So credit where credit is due. The team at AHC have obviously got their work cut out, as there are lots of us applying, but for what its worth, i can definitely say for us, they did a pretty quick job!!!

The passports are now back in the post to London, and with any luck, we will be heading out to Mandurah (Perth) during the first week of September!! If anyone else is heading out there too we'd be glad to hear from you.

Many thanks to all those people on the forum who have been so supportive over the past few weeks (you know who you are) and Good luck to all other applicants waiting for their dreams to come true!!!

all the best


jopaulss Jul 4th 2002 1:29 pm

Re: AHC London
Hi Paul and well done , also well done AHC london for doing yours so fast . But you see alot of people have cause to complain when they have been waiting since dec/jan 2000/2001 , we have been waiting now just over 9 months , not that im counting or anyhting daft like that !!!! But hopefully we all wont have to long to wait now , ha ha ha !!!!!
Anyway good luck and hope all goes well , which part of perth you heading , we are going north of perth , in the near future .
Do get in touch if you want but all the best anyway Joanne

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