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ozziewannabe Mar 28th 2002 9:12 pm

3 Questions regarding migration to Australia
I am an Asian citizen currently living in the US. I've sent in an application for Skilled-Sponsored to Australia at the Adelaide office.

I know this is a British Expat site, but it's the best out there so far.

Question 1:
My Mastercard was charged for the amount of AUD1125 in December 2001, but I have yet to receive any correspondence (confirmation number/file number) from Adelaide. I have absolutely no way of tracking my application.

Question 2:
Another question, in regards to police clearance, I filled in Form 80 (Personal Particulars For Character Assessment). Do I need to obtain my own police clearance certificate from the relevant authorities?

Question 3:
I recently received the State Nomination from Victoria, but I filed my application under Skilled-Sponsored. Will the visa officers consider both categories? Under my application, I checked several states that I will be interested in living in, but as a sponsored applicant, do I have to stay with the sponsor?

Anyone out there having any similar problems?

Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Sandra Mar 28th 2002 10:03 pm

Re: 3 Questions regarding migration to Australia
On question One Only

no-one gets updates on times from Adelaide, or anywhere else, we make our own news - via this group's lovely people, or nice people like Iny who built the other above site.

Sorry can't answer on the others - sorry

ozziewannabe Mar 28th 2002 10:28 pm

Re: 3 Questions regarding migration to Australia
checked the website out. Doesn't really help, since I have no file numbers, only the date that my credit card was charged.

Sandra Mar 28th 2002 10:52 pm

Re: 3 Questions regarding migration to Australia

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