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AsgarT Nov 29th 2021 12:36 pm

Advise on Moving to Zanzibar
Hi all

I was wondering if anyone can provide any advise on my situation. This is the first time I am using this forum and so apologise for any errors I may make. In a nutshell, I am based in the UK and having recently purchased a property in Zanzibar, I am looking to export what are personal affects for my own use. Having done a little bit of research I have found this area to be incredibly complex to understand. I understand that the maybe the cheapest way of exporting those items is by a groupage load on a container from the UK to Zanzibar. Can anyone advise if groupage is the best option and/or suggest any other cost effective ways of doing this please? Also, I suspect that it would be cheaper still to initially arrange for the container to be initially sent to Dubai for example for onward shipping from Dubai to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and/or Zanzibar?

Has anyone done this kind of thing before in the recent past from the UK, and if so are you able to share any tips etc, or provide any feedback etc that will assist?

Thank you for looking at my post and I look forward to your useful replies.



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