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1717 Thu October 8, 2015
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Description: We are selling a complete 2 bedrooms worth of lovely newish (3 months old) furniture! We moved to Cascais a few months ago but unfortunately need to urgently move back to England, hense the big sell. We would prefer if we could sell all of it together rather than in bits and pieces. It is bought from Ikea and Area and it's neutral/modern. Sofa, chairs, tables, rugs, beds etc.. for living room, dinning room, bedroom, children's room, office (desk and chair), plants and complete kitchen stuff (Cutlery/Pots & Pans/Glasses/Cups/many assorted bits).

Let me know if you are interested and I can send you photos and more detailed list of items....or if you live close by you can pop in to view it.
Keywords: furniture, ikea, area, complete, 2 bed
Location of Item: Cascais

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