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50911 Fri September 28, 2012
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$300,000.00  (USD) Excellent

Description: We are looking for investors / partners for our established and profitable business based in Chiangmai.
Company outline below.
Please PM me for details and thanks for looking.

This well established and profitable manufacturing company is now available for sale.
A specialist supplier to the fishing sports market, the company offers great opportunities to the right investor.
Situated in Thailand with worldwide sales of its own unique product line, the company is also an OEM supplier to major industry brands.

Land, stock, goodwill, client base, staff, expertise, equipment etc etc.
In short, all the assets of a going concern business.
This will be a turn key sale, with the existing owners staying on if required to help the new owners.

The company has 30 experienced workers and can easily expand as required.

We are a husband and wife team in our fifties and feel the need to slow down.
We feel we have brought the company as far as we can on our own, and we are looking for either further investment to become our partner or a complete buy out.

A wide range of generally hand made items for the fly and sports fishing markets, together with considerable expertise in spincasting.

With the right investor providing financial resources and expertise, the company could grow dramatically and quickly become a much more substantial business.
The opportunity exists to diversify product ideas into much larger markets such as Crafts and Artworks.

Full client lists will be made available to interested buyers.

Offshore Manufacturing.
This is a fully operational company in Thailand where labour costs are $10 per day.
For any western based manufacturer seeking to establish overseas in order to reduce labour / operating costs, this is a golden opportunity.
The company is established, has staff and skills and could easily be refocused on any labour intensive production.
Any buyer would save at least $100,000 in set up costs from scratch.

We are looking for $330,000 for a complete purchase or $200,000 for up to 51% majority control.
We also offer the options of 25% shareholding for $90,000 and 49% for $150,000 any of which are wholly convertible to 100% at a later date.
This is therefore a way to buy in and still have the option of purchasing majority control in the future.
Payments could be phased over a short period to allow for due diligence, performance etc.
The asking price is based on current annual audited turnover.

This is a cost effective way for an existing manufacturing / marketing / distribution company to obtain and then build upon an economic toe hold in Asia with all her production advantages.
This represents huge potential for synergy and our existing client and order base could help finance that.
Please think about the implications of this.
We represent your gateway into the manufacturing advantages of Thailand.

Our trade and product references are excellent but obviously cannot be disclosed at this stage.

This opportunity should be of interest to :-

- Lure makers, fly tying companies, packing, merchandising and product assembly companies.

- Any company seeking to establish a manufacturing presence in a lower labour cost environment.

- Private investors and entrepeneurs with vision and marketing skills.

- Companies within the fishing industry, looking for new and unique products, lower cost production and wanting to

- Companies seeking to diversify and grow into new markets.

- Companies within the industry looking for new product lines that are unique to us.

- Perhaps a consortium of smaller scale fly tyers looking to establish larger scale production in a low labour cost /
high skill environment.

The current owners would be happy to be retained as managers / minority shareholders and work under contract for the new owners.
We will be happy to stay on for as long as needed by the buyer.

Please contact us for further information.
Keywords: Profitable established business for sale Export manufacturer sports fishing
Location of Item: Chiangmai, Thailand.

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