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Spring is springing

Posted on Tuesday 27 September 2011 at 04:45

Another 6 months on, another blog entry.  How things change from when I first started this?!  It is now Spring again, and believe it or not our wee boy Harry is now well past his 1st birthday which is pretty epic all things considered.  He is pretty awesome, and the apple of his daddy's eye (what a surprise!). 


2 big old earthquakes and a few thousand smaller ones see us still clinging on here in Chch.  Things have certainly got much harder as a result of the quakes, everything from travelling around Chch to our job security.  Add this to a wonky house and an indefinate outcome of whether it is to be fixed or not and we've had - and I think will continue to have - a pretty stressful time of it.


On the plus side, I've got my old TDR250 motorbike back up and running so that's giving me a few grins every day, my olds are over from that there Welsh Wales for the Rugby World Cup and we've caught a few matches down in Dunedin which were great fun.  Kaikoura Seafest this weekend, and then a week up in the Marlborough Sounds late October will also help those stress levels a bit I reckon.


In light of all that's happened here with the earthquakes, T and I have had some in depth heart to hearts about our options.  They are pretty limited as all our equity is tied up in quake damaged property, so even if we did want out then it may prove to be a tricky and financially messy process.  Fortunately we're not keen on leaving right now, however maybe as things drag on and on and on with the EQC (earthquake commission - the government run insurance scheme that protects insurance policy owners for EQ damage) due to the volume of work they have on this may change.


We've made some great friends here now, and are loath to leave them to start up again somewhere else, plus some of our mates are in the country so we get to do all fun things like bottle feed orphaned lambs, and go hunting deer and pigs, and pick our own cow to feed up and take to slaughter to go in the freezer and all that good stuff.  Plus, summer's around the corner so it'll be time to dust of the speargun and go grab some kai moana!


Anyway, just thought I'd drop in to say still, here, still enjoying it though not quite loving it as we once were, but then wee quakes will do that to ya.  Good luck to you if you are soon to arrive in NZ, it's a great place to be.


Posted by BEVS on Tuesday 27 September 2011 at 05:23 - Link

How lovely to hear from you guys. Hope everything does take an upward turn and things start to pan out well again. Hope you have a wonderful , relaxing time up The Sounds

all the best to you .


Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday 27 September 2011 at 10:16 - Link

So nice to hear from you, I hope things get better for you soon, and congrats on the little one's first birthday.

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