Our gingerbread family ...

04:08, Friday 11 May 2007 | Posted in Rhys and Callums stuff
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By Rhys and Callum

Having a bit of a free afternoon today we set to work 'talking' mammy into making gingerbread mans.  When it came to the decorating we excelled ourselves and made gingerbread models of our family!

Can you find yourself?!

If you look closely you will see: Daddy, Mammy, Mama, two Grandads, great Mama, great Grandad, Rhys, Callum, Andrew, Grandad Aidy, Nana, two snowmans and santa.

... and they are super yummy too!!

Rhys and Cal xx

Finding Nemo

05:18, Friday 27 April 2007 | Posted in Rhys and Callums stuff
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By Rhys and Callum

Today was our playgroup trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth.  We got on the bus with all of our friends and went to find the fish!

This is us touching a starfish - it was bumpy!

Rhys meets a seal

Can we find Nemo?

Yes we can!!!!

We had a great time and Auntie Maria said that next week we are going to do loads of 'fishy' things at playgroup!  We cant wait!

Love Rhys and Cal xx

Rhys` blog page - well he couldnt be left out could he?!

07:43, Wednesday 21 February 2007 | Posted in Rhys and Callums stuff
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Rhys has been complaining that on Sunday Callum got to write a blog page and that he (Rhys) should be able to do one as well.  I did ask him what he wanted me to type for him but apparently he is perfectly capable of typing his own entry so here it is .....

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rhys x

Callums Blog Page - My family and other `aminals`

11:38, Sunday 18 February 2007 | Posted in Rhys and Callums stuff
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Hello i am Callum and i am 2.
Mammy said i could write todays blog so i am going to tell you all about my toy `aminals`.

I have lots and lots of `aminals` and they go away in a big red box.
I have a really big `aminal` play mat that is so big it wont fit in my bedroom so i have to put it in mammys `lilling` room.
i have a cow and a baby cow, a pig and a baby pig, a kangaroo (but i dont have a joey) and a really big dragon that is green and its wings go like that (insert picture of Callum flapping his arms).

I have `aminals` that go in a zoo and `aminals` that go in a farm and i have dinosaurs and a `pingu` but i dont have a `cocodile`.

I have two snakes and lots and lots and lots of bugs and spiders that i like to leave on the floor .

Of course there are better places to leave my bugs than on the floor - the best places are under things and behind things.
I even managed to leave a large black ant down the back of my bed on Saturday - when mammy was changing my bed covers she put her hand down to tuck in my sheet and got hold of a couple of legs!!  It was really funny and i laughed .

Callum x

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