Up on The Roof...And in it!!

02:10, Monday 28 April 2008 | Posted in Living in Oz
As we have seen, Tiggs has recountered waking up to a drip (no not me ...water)

I will now recount the story from a blokes point of view.

Friday morning, Dripping sound in the bedroom.  Can't blame it on the dog but there is a suspicious mark on the carpet...This gets larger with each drip...We have a leak.  Put a tub under it (actually a spare potty) and head back to bed...I am on call and need to be connected to work at 6AM anyway.  Days starts with taking the in-laws to the airport for their Melbourne trip and then we went bathroom shopping.  The drip was ignored...It had stopped raining and it had stopped dripping. 

Saturday I find the old wardrobe that i dismantled when we moved in...brush spiders off a door and take it in and lift it into the loft.  Place this along the ceiling beams and I can now slide on my stomach under the aircon and heating vents and get to the leaks.  Emerge on the other side of the vents with my plastic tub to find 3 tubs already there...Me thinks this has been a common occurence.  Rearrange the tubs under the drips i can see and head downstairs. 

I then head back into the loft and send Tiggs out to the roof to determine if we can find the problem.  Tiggs locates two cracked tiles and one loose one.  These are repaired with margerine tub lids slid under the tiles.  While we are up there we realise the roof is greener than the garden and has a healthier plant life.  Moss everywhere.  I spend Saturday afternoon up on the roof picking 3 bucket fulls of moss from between under and around the tiles.

I then fashion some internal guttering from a cat litter tray found in the loft, an old margerine tub from the garden, and the tube and funnel from the dogs flying crate when she was shipped across.  Place this ingenious bit of DIY, blue peter style contraption on top of the wall under the leaks and head downstairs

Sunday morning...

Torrential rain outside and in.  Tiggs was getting wet due to a second leak on her side of the bed. 
I am dressed and have the ladder, torch, gloves and dust mask and am making my way into the loft.
Locate a leak, about a metre to the left of the one fixed yesterday.  on the plus side all my tubs from yesterday are dry, obviously we managed to sort those tiles.
Rearrange tubs under the leak to catch all drips and head into the house.   I am starting to resemble an Indiana Jones set with huge spiders webs dragging from my head and jumper.  Get some breakfast and determine the plan of action...
Our sunday is then spent up and down ladders, into the loft or out on the roof.  Locate out final leak (we hope) above Andrews bedroom and dripping onto the beam that runs over our bed.  One problem.  There are aircon tubes, heating tubes, hanging insulation and it is all covered in webs...most fresh... I kid you not,  Our loft looks like this lives in it So back for the Morton,  A good dousing of all the cobwebs...To be fair in all the time in the loft I only saw one spider.  Then into the abyss.  I have moved my litter tray gutter and rig this up under the new leak.  I then head out on the loft to look for the missing tile that is letting this much water in...Problem is it is dark and raining.  This is not the time to be walking around on the roof.  i can find nothing, but a lot of moss.  Decide that it must be the moss again causing the water to back up so clear another bucket off in the dark.  Just as I am coming off the roof the tile I am working on falls a bit and a piece drops out from underneath. 

Turns out the cracked tile is under another one.  One red plastic binder wedged under the broken tiles later and we seem to have a water tight house again...Problem is it has not rained since.

We are now awaiting more rain so we can run around again .

Right I am off to dry out.


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09:00, Wednesday 30 April 2008 | Posted by geordie mandy
You deserve a blue peter badge for all that clever patching up.
Hope you do get the roof sorted and have no further problems.
Take care

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