Drip drip drop little April showers

11:48, Saturday 26 April 2008 | Posted in Living in Oz
I now live in Australia ... and more to the point i live in Adelaide ... therefore i have accepted the fact that i must view rain as a good thing (which I have to say this seems a bit of an alien concept for a girl from the NE of England who has always viewed rain as a nuisance!)
Anyway here we are in April and hardly a drop of rain has been seen for months so there was general celebration throughout our local aquaintance when the nice weather forcaster on the telly said we should expect showers for the long weekend. (rain on a bank holiday?! ... almost like being back in England )
Friday evening arrives and lo and behold rain!  Of course this is Oz rain so a shower is not just a few spots of water falling from the sky ... if you get caught outside in on Oz shower you are wet to the skin in about 20 seconds - as A found out when he decided to go outside to 'look at the rain' !?! you'd think he would have had enough of it in the UK! go figure!
Anyway my garden gasps a sigh of relief as i still havent managed to work out when i am allowed to water and when i am not so it hasnt been happening much ... plus there is the small point that i am a lazy so and so and generally cant be bothered getting the watering can out!  When we head off to bed for the night it is still coming down in short sharp shower bursts.
6 am
... drip ... drip ... drip ...
Me: What is that noise?
G: Is that dog chewing her claws again?
Me: No it is a dripping noise .... oh no ....
We shoot out of bed and hunt around until we find the drip running down one of the beams - place bowl underneath ... and go back to bed!!! Priorities here
Turns out (on closer inspection much later in the morning) that we have one cracked tile and another not sitting flush and the rain is running in between them.  A slightly apprehensive inspection of the rest of the loft space turns up no more drips - well that we could find anway!  The trouble is that in the UK when buying a house you look for evidence of damp on ceilings and walls - after all it is virtually impossible for a seller to hide the fact that they have a leaking roof.  Here in Oz, where it can quite happily not rain for months, these sorts of things are much easier to miss.  Another lesson learned!
At least this potential crisis turned out to only be a small repair job - fingers crossed all future surprises our house decides to spring on us will go the same way.

Tiggs x

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