Graz´s Update - Hitting home

05:10, Thursday 20 December 2007
Well we have been here nearly a week, we have changed the car to another unimpressive subaru (this time an imprezza that does not want to go anywhere, ever at more than 25 miles an hour, making me a target for every v8 muscle car in Adelaide)
The house is clean and is gradually feeling like ours (although it is still just a base and can never be more than that), we spent last night playing dowse the ants trying to get rid of some of the infestation that had started to make it's way into the house.
Our first visitor was a small huntsman that lived in the living room, then the kitchen.  he then got adventurous and started scuttling while we could see him so I chased him out the door with a large stick (he would not fit in any of the glasses), we have also seen a white tip spider (although this was outside) but at least we could ID him.
Sunday was the hardest day, the driving was over and we both felt in limbo, this was not our house, we had a mountain of paperwork and organising to get through and the slightest thing seemed to upset and disturb, if flights home had been offered....well who knows.  It brings home how much we do not know, even down to the currency and paying for things, what does that sign mean by the side of the road etc etc.  This seems to be easing as we explore the city looking for houses to make a permanent base as we become familiar with the areas, our christmas tree is up (thanks to Big-W stores) and decorated and the kids have unpacked their toys so we are getting some familirarity around us.
We have got our Aussie bank account sorted out and see a mortgage advisor tomorrow so we can find how much money we can afford to outlay on a house (if we choose to go this route).  We are still cut off from the internet (which feels like missing a limb in the evenings) but have managed to use the library to good effect (i.e. This blog and emailling family).  Our phones are connected so we can at least be contacted.  On Sunday night we went to Glenelg beach and sat for an hour in the evening paddling and watching the kids play, this helped the stresses ease away a little.  We have looked at Henley beach (where we think we are going on Xmas day) and Seacliff which looked very nice but was not enjoyable (lots of flys, bitty sand and a force 9 gale), we have also been up into the hills to Cleland Wildlife park, we have driven just over 1000 miles through Australia and only had two rather dead kangaroos to add to our Ozzie wildlife spots so we decided to cheat.  As such we went in with the Kangaroos, feeding them by hand and stroked the koalas and made friends with an Enchilada.........I mean Echidna, Adele will explain!!  Other than that it has been exploration and then time with the kids trying to settle ourselves into a new life.

Good luck with the new life

09:37, Friday 7 March 2008 | Posted by geordie mandy
It was great to read about how things are with you.
My boys still talk about the day at the beach we had last summer with you all.
I hope life becomes what you want it to be .
keep in touch

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