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10:51, Tuesday 27 November 2007 | Posted in Musings
Right things around ours are fairly stressful at the minute with the move and everything. 

As part of this we need to close down accounts.  This usually means dialling a premium rate number.  working your way through a dozen "menus" and then trying to explain to someone in a call centre where English is not even the second language.

They will invariably ask for as many details as they can about you in order to prove who you are, name, address, DoB, bra size and left nostril capacity....

You try asking them to prove who they are...or prove they are working for who they say they are....the answers you get defy belief.

Then try explaining to them that you can phone premium rate numbers from abroad...Where I am working some numbers are blocked as we actually dial through Germany
"but sir.... put 44 ahead of the number"
"No you can no do this. I need the international number"
"I am sorry sir, we do not have a phone number here, please dial 0870 $$$ ££££"

These are UK companies, I am a UK citizen (at the moment)  why the hell should i pay for the privilege of complaining, checking or cancelling an account through my phone call and then have to spell out every last detail to some muppet who, for all I know is jotting the details down on a piece of paper next to his desk (although why he does not just look to HRMC for a copy they are bound to send another one soon).

Anyway last night after a particularly gruelling phone call to our Broadband provider last night I was sent to my room by the wife for being in such a bad mood....hence the rant....

Anyone else want to join in

Just send an email

03:07, Tuesday 27 November 2007 | Posted by Dave+Jules
I eventually close our NTL broadband account by sending an email and telling them we would live on x date. I cancelled the direct debit and asked them to send me an invoice for 5 days worth of access.

Of course they did nothing but there isnt alot they can do when you are living in Canada. So I received several varying levels of nasty letters and responded with a copy of the email and a cheque for something like 5.86. I also told them I dont mind if they keep paying postage to send me letters as it was eating into their profit. After about 5 letters they got the message and stopped sending them. :~)

What news?

04:04, Thursday 27 December 2007 | Posted by Henneth
Looks like you are having just as much trouble getting a new internet connection as closing your old one! ;-)

How was Christmas Day sunning yourself on the beach then?

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