04:04, Saturday 13 October 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
Phew what an exhausting day!
From 10 this morining until 4 this afternoon i was trekking around the metro centre looking at luggage - i never would have believed that cases could be so complicated

As i see it the problem initially stems from the airlines.  I just cant figure out why their rules for luggage have to be so complicated!  You can have two pieces of hold luggage, but the combined dimensions cant be bigger than a certain size, then each piece individually cant be bigger than another size, then you have an overall weight limit plus a different individual bag limit
On top of all that there is your hand luggage that can have maximum length, width and depth but you cant 'take' a bit off the length allowance to offset the fact that your depth is over.

Plus there is the luggage itself - apart from the ridiculous prices - you just think you have found somrthing that looks right for all of your sizes and then you pick it up and discover that it weighs a tonne!
Then you find a piece that has an extra zippy bit that opens to give you more capacity - great! you think - only when you measure the case with the added sticky-out bit it turns out that it now means that you exceed the combined luggage dimensions so your second case needs to be smaller, thus you have in effect negated the point of the 'expanding' case in the first place.
The final problem of course is when you ask the nice lady on the counter how many of a particular case they have in stock.  The incredulous surprise on her face is a picture to behold when you tell her that you need 10 of them .

Anyway with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing (with very tired bored kids in tow) we finally found cheap (reduced twice in the sale sort of cheap) reasonable quality cases that will fit our baggage allowaces, Callum was thrilled with his 'trunki' ride on hand luggage, Rhys decided on a back-pack so he could be like daddy, the blokes went for maximum capacity rucksacks - which left me ...

... well all i really wanted was a nice girly flight case in some sort of chintzy fabric (maybe in pink?!).  Could i find one?  Could i heck.  So after all that i am still not finished - but then again i have a good excuse to go hand bag shopping so that is ok!  (as long as i can leave the kids at home next time!)

Tiggs x

Luggage Monster

02:10, Sunday 14 October 2007 | Posted by Dave+Jules
Made me smile in memory of our flight to Canada Nov 2005. We had exactly the same amazed looks when asking for 8 suitcases and 4 wheelie thingies.

The big problem we had was trying to figure out how much they weighed. We had to do alot of reshuffling at the heathrow check-in desk to get the weight spread between them all. As you can imagine lots of people not looking happy as we were spending 20 minutes at the check in spreading our clothes between 8 suitcases!

I suggest a trip to the local railway station or bus station to see if they have a weighing machine. That way you avoid showing Heathrow Airport you undies!

Good luck on your handbag quest


01:22, Friday 26 October 2007 | Posted by Sam Knott
We had a similar problem with our luggage, the girls from work bought me a lovely Radley hand luggage case but when we were packing we found it weighed 5kg with nothing in it so decided to put it through with the normal luggage which was 19kg over our 40kg each (120kg) allowance. Singapore airlines wanted to charge us 35 pounds per kilo over weight which was going to cost us over 600 pounds so we ended up leaving a case at Heathrow. We stayed in Singapore and were still over weight by 10 kilos so left a case there too.

We also had to throw away a case when we got here as the baggage handlers had snapped all the wheels off it.

On the bright side, once you get here you probably won't be needing all those cases again.

Good luck with selling the house!!

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