Who needs Sigmund Freud anyway

10:57, Wednesday 10 October 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
I know that everyone has dreams but it is unusual for me to remember mine.  Even if i wake up and think 'oh that was an odd dream' if i wait 10 mins and then try and recall it i cant remember what i was dreaming about at all.

This morning I managed to doze back off to sleep after the alarm had gone off (always a bad idea) and i actually did remember the dream that i had ...

... For some reason the five of us are all about to set off to WALK a marathon - but this is not a road marathon the 'course' is all hills and valleys and forests and things.  There are a large group of other people (who i dont know) all ready to go too.
We have the kids in the buggy/on the buggy board and everything we need for camping (obvioulsy i am expecting this to take us some time) is packed in bags on the buggy or being carried.
Just as everyone sets off it starts to rain so i nip back into our house (only it is not quite our house the furniture is ours but the house itself (both inside and out) is my Grandma's house) and i grap all of the waterproof anoraks from the chest of drawers in the hall.
We are about to set of again (by this time everyone else doing this marathon are only just visible down the road) and i realise that the window frame in the back upstairs bedroom is broken and we have to fix it before we go ... because apparently there is a hurricane coming!  (why we would be setting off to walk a marathon when there was a hurricane on its way i have no idea!)
Anyway miraculously a workman arrives to fix the window and but then i have to explain to him what all the house keys do so he can lock up when he is finished (this is not really surprising as my grandma has so many keys in her house that when i go along i can never find the right one for the door i am trying to open!)
Needless to say the kids are getting bored and want to get moving and all the other marathon walkers are well out of sight!
We are just about to set off again (the wind and rain are really getting up by this point) and eldest son decides he has got to go to an interview instead and he needs me to take him there ...

... at which point it dawns on me that my eldest really does have an interview today and i must be dreaming so i opem my eyes and realise that it is about 20 past 8 and i have to have kids ready for school in 20 minutes!!  Aarrgghh!!

I couldnt help but laugh at myself (while racing around trying to get children ready!) - some people have deeply symbolic dreams that need an interpretation - i certainly cant class this dream as one of those.  It cant really be clearer can it?!  I have set of on a hugh emotional rollercoaster of a journey by choosing to emigrate to the other side of the world ... i am all geared up to go ... but things completely out of my control are stopping us from getting on and doing it.  Only yesterday i was telling the girls on the webboard WPHS thread that i felt i was in some sort of limbo land and just wanted to be able to get going.

So my apologies to Sigmund and the worlds other psychiatrists.  If you were reliant upon me you would all be out of a job!  Deep and meaningfull my dreams may be but they dont take a genius to work out what they mean.

Tiggs x

Great Dream!

09:05, Thursday 11 October 2007 | Posted by Fly Away
Your subconcious is giving you a big poke there. LOL.


02:15, Sunday 14 October 2007 | Posted by Dave+Jules
Sounds to me like you were on the starting line for the mass migration out out the UK and some things were holding back from starting. I guess the interview bit was to make you wake up :~)

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