The big clearout - Episode I - The Loft

10:12, Thursday 11 October 2007 | Posted in Migration to Oz
I have to admit that the loft is the not somewhere that i venture very often ...
When i need something storing i box or bag it, leave it in a strategic position (usually directly under the loft hatch) and drop some not very subtle hints to Graham.  When i next go past the item has magically disappeared .

So when Graham said he was going to start bringing boxes down from the loft to sort i didnt think too much more about it.  As you can imagine it came as a bit of a shock to me at the shear number of boxes and bags that had accumulated in the last 10 years.

Of course the majority of it is junk - i cant even imagine why i have kept some of the stuff up there ... the highlights so far have been a pink tassled lamp shade and a box of lace curtain .
Come to think of it I am fairly sure that i have NEVER used a pink tassled lamp shade at any point in my life - so why i have one stored in my loft has left me somewhat puzzled, and as for the lace curtain ... well even assuming by some strange chain of events lace curtain actually came back into fashion, who in their right mind would use old lace curtain that had been stored in a loft for years and years?!  The stuff has a horrible tendancy to turn yellow even when it is hanging at a window and no amount of nylene (or whatever it is called) will ever actually make it white again.  The only solution to yellowed lace curtain is to buy some new - hence my puzzlement at the reasoning that made me keep a box full of it in the loft.

So after two trips to the tip and two trips to local charity shops (car bulging at the seams each time) how do you think our loft is looking?  Well actually is it still looking just as full as it did before ... so now that i have managed to offended everyone who has lace curtain in their house i think i had better get back to the clearing out.

Tiggs x

pink tassles

09:50, Thursday 11 October 2007 | Posted by daunted
Hey maybe you could make some sort of beach sarong from the curtain and attach pink tassles to brighten it up! We are all going to be far too skint to buy beach wear by the time we actually get to Oz!! xx

Curtain sarong

11:29, Friday 12 October 2007 | Posted by Tiggs+Graz
a curtain sarong ... actually that could help a lot with the current problem of putting on far too much weight to be able to get away with beachwear! x

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