Whatever happened to ... supermarket trolleys?

09:45, Thursday 27 September 2007 | Posted in Whatever happened to ...
I know that for years people have complained about supermarket trolleys.  They always had wonkey wheels, never went in the direction you pushed them and generally you needed to take Geoff Capes with you to actually make them move at all!

Then came that new breed of trolleys, where the supermarkets seemed to be in competition so see who could have the largest selection of different designs going around their store at one time.  They came in the types: normal; supersized; those little half depth ones; ones with a baby carrier on them; ones with two baby carriers on them; the ones with basket for putting the baby car seat in; the ones that attach to the front of a wheelchair; and any combination of the above!

After all of these incarnations of a fairly standard design you would think that someone would have come up with the perfect trolley by now ...

... well i have to admit that they HAVE managed to add a brake (the one on the top of the wheel that you have to stamp on to get to go on and off).  This is indeed a huge improvement for those of us who regularly find ourselves in a windy carpark trying to hang onto a heavy trolley full of shopping with one foot while using both hands to strap a wriggling toddler into a car seat.

... however i am going to take exception with whoever it was who decided that a supermarket trolley should only have ONE toddler seat in the front!?!    Which daft person thought that one up?!  Do these stores really want my four year old running about loose - or even worse when he starts to complain that his legs are tired and i switch him into the seat - that leaves my three year old 'helping' by removing as many things from the shelves as he can ... and all i can say is that is it a brave person who takes a loose toddler along the 'wine & spirits' aisle .

This 'one seat' phenomonon seemed to begin in the odd store but the plague has spread like wildfire and now it is virtually impossible to find anywhere to do my shopping without it ending in me having some sort of nervous breakdown at the checkouts as i attempt to pack bags while my children see if they can 'hide from Mammy'!

I sincerely hope that this daft trend has not extended to the other side of the world - i have high hopes of being able to return to the good old days of shopping with TWO safely confined children - preferably held in place by sturdy seatbelts.  While i am sure that i will hate supermarket shopping as much as ever (now that is a whole different blog entry!) at least i should be able to exit the store without leaving a trail of carnage and distruction behind me.

Tiggs x

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03:00, Thursday 27 September 2007 | Posted by moneypen20
Only babies go in the seats. All other children ride in the trolley itself. If you're doing a full shop you will need two trolleys - one for the kids and one for the shopping :D

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04:50, Thursday 27 September 2007 | Posted by Tiggs+Graz
Aarrgghh noooo! I am going to need some sort of straight jacket arrangement for them then :D

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