Went to the hairdressers and came out 20 years younger

09:22, Thursday 14 June 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
I really am not a big fan of having my hair cut.
I worry that i am not going to like a new style, i know that i am never again going to be able to make it look like it does when i leave the salon and i am not altogether fussed that it is going to cost me a small fortune (well it seems like a small fortune to someone on a small budget).
On the plus side i have been going to the same hairdresser for years and she is lovely - and i know that if she thought that a particular 'do' would be a disaster on me she would simply refuse to cut my hair!

Well for at least 6 weeks i have been saying that i need to go and have a haircut, but being me i simply hadnt got around to actually making the appointment.  A couple of weeks back Andrew (eldest son, currently doing the 'goth' thing) said that he wanted his hair dyed black again and after the last 'dye' experience (he got me to do it with one of those semi permanent dyes ) he decided that it would be safer to go to the professionals.

So last week he got super organised and made up both appointments at the hairdressers (and just for the record he didnt really need his mammy to go with him he just thought it would be easier to go at the same time )

Well we pottered off to the hairdressers this afternoon, him to his dye at one end of the salon and me to my cut at the other.  We had been in about 15 minutes when the girl doing his hair came over looking rather embarrassed. She said you will never guess what i just said ... i just asked andrew if you where his girlfriend!

Now i know that i have always been blessed with not looking quite my age and i was not that old when i had Andrew but under no stretch of the imagination am i looking like i am 16!   Even allowing for Andrew looking a little older than he is that still leaves quite an age gap - so maybe she thought that it was more of a cradle snatcher situation!  Either way it did make for rather a giggle and even Andrew thought it was rather funny.  i was sort of expecting him to be rather embarrassed but to give him full credit he just laughed.

Anyway i now have a nice new haircut, sort of bobbed with layers, and shorter than it has been in years.  I will let you know how much i like it when i have washed it and have to style it myself.
Andrew has shiny black hair which he is very impressed with (he is currently out showing his mates!) and while i admit that i have not have quite managed to be 20 years younger than when i started the day i am perfectly willing to be mistaken for my eldest sons oh rather than his mam!

Tiggs x

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