4 year olds cant keep secrets

10:08, Wednesday 13 June 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
We have all heard the house selling horror story where you get to contract exchange and the buyer  (knowing you are off to Oz and cant really pull out) suddenly decides to drop their offer price by ten grand.

Having decided to learn from other peoples mistakes we decided a while back to keep the going to Oz thing a bit quiet - at least as far as the estate agents and neighbours were concerned. 
The trouble is that we have a four year old.

Now i know that most 4 year olds like to go over things a few times to get them straight in their heads but i have to say that Rhys is particularly bad.  Once he gets hold of an idea it is impossible to get him to let go again (even for a while).

After he announced at the weekend that he didnt think that he wanted to go australia anymore (turns out that he was worried that he would have to leave his things behind) he is now doing his best to get his head around moving all of our things to somewhere else (actually he would probably be just as worried if we were moving down the street seeing as he thinks his Grandma lives a long way away and she is actually about 6 miles)
Anyway the trouble is that he wants to talk about it all of the time, at the top of his voice, including when we are in the garden.
Yesterday he announced that we would need a very big box for all of our things when we moved to australia.
Today he spent a good deal of time informing Callum that we would need a lorry when we moved to australia and the lorry would need to go on a boat because it was too big for an aeroplane (but when we move to australia we will go in an aeroplane because a boat takes too long)

Personally i cant wait for Rhys' next installment - it should be especially good when he starts to think about taking the dog!

Anyway I dont suppose that our neighbours are going to be in the dark for very long (and then we have to take into consideration the local grapevine!) so there goes that theory.

So my new plan is simpler - if a buyer turns up at the last mo and drops the price i will be telling them to s*d off - besides hanging about for a while longer will give Rhys more time to get all of our transport plans figured out.

Tiggs x

Kids never keep secrets

11:05, Thursday 14 June 2007 | Posted by geordie mandy
Mine are alwyas blabbing on where we are off too.
Im just glad they are school tommorow when our viewer is here lol

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