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09:49, Tuesday 12 June 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
Rhys (aged four and a half) currently has a lot on his mind.  Not least is that 'after the big holidays' (aka in september) he starts 'big' school.

I have been really expecting him to worry about this - he is one of lifes natural worriers and it took quite a while to get him to settle properly at his pre-school - but he has really embraced the idea of 'big' school.  I know that his friends have been talking about it and he seems really keen to get started!

So today was the first of two visits that Rhys is making to school before the end of term.  Yesterday he was really looking forward to it but but by this morning the reality had sort of occurred to him and he wasnt going! - lol.
Nevertheless he and I headed off to school this afternoon leaving a rather grumpy Callum to be looked after by Andrew (or was that supposed to be Cal looking after Andrew?! ) anyway...

At school we (the mums) were asked to settle the children into the classroom with the current class and then head out to another room and leave them (the kids) to it.  I was sure that this was going to be a problem for Rhys - but after he asked me if i was going home (i said no i definitely would not be leaving school without him) he went off perfectly happily. 

By all accounts the kids had a great time while, slightly in contrast , the other mums and i had a thrilling afternoon of looking at slides of 'school life' and form filling.

Now that this first visit is over Rhys is even more eager to get to school.  As we walked home this afternoon he was determined that he was going back tomorrow and i had to persuade him that he needed to wait until his next visit next week!
When he got home he spent a good half an hour telling his little brother all about 'big school' - and Cal spent equally as long telling rhys that he and Andrew had had a really fun afternoon at home and Andrew had let cal play on his guitar (a big treat when you are two years old!).  I dont think that either actually listened to the other at all - but they never let that sort of thing bother them when telling a good story.

Tiggs x

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