Five have a Mystery to Solve

02:32, Monday 12 March 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
The Not So Famous Five...
What a jolly morning.  The sun was pouring in at the windows and we jumped(*) out of our beds(+) with a hearty "good morning".  It was another Monday and the five were back together again for the summer(&).  What adventures would be awaiting them today?!

Graz threw open the curtains and jumped back in surpise ... "Golly gosh!" he said "there is a bicycle lying on our drive ... "
"Really Graham" said Tiggs "you do talk the most terrible waffle at times"
"No really" he cried.
Everyone rushed to see the excitement.  There it was the mystery bicycle parked on the drive.  It had definitely not been there the night before.
So how did it get here? Who did it belong to? Why is it sitting on our drive?
It was a Mystery!

The five tucked into a scrumptious breakfast (^) and excitedly discussed this turn of events.  What should they do now?  Rhys suggested packing a bag with provisions in case they all got lost on the way to Playgroup but Tiggs did not think that a green beanie frog would be much help even if they were stranded on a windy moor($).

With a cheery wave they set off for Playgroup.  Tiggs cried a hearty "hullo" to the jolly neighbours(>) but when she asked them they did not know anything about the bicycle either............
OK that is enough - i cant keep that up any longer!  There are only so many times you can use the words gosh and hearty in one blog entry!

The upshot of all of this is that i sill have a bike on my drive and i dont know what to do with it!  I would have more idea if something had been nicked from the garden but i am just not used to people turning up in the night and leaving me things!!!
If it is still there tomorrow i suppose i had better phone the police - just in case it has been nicked from somewhere - the last thing that i need is to get arrested for handling stolen goods .

Maybe my mystery benefactor can leave me something more useful tonight - a visa would be handy!
Hurrah, what a jolly good show...

Tiggs x

(apologies for all of the footnotes! )

(*)this is obviously pure fiction as with possibly the exception of Rhys non of my family would ever jump out of bed or be hearty in the morning.
(+)i am aware that if this really was a famous five book then we really should have been asleep under a gorse bush - but i never did like camping!
(&)tad early for summer but i am trying to keep in character.
(^)well four of us did, Andrew only gets up in time to put on some clothes and go straight out for his bus.
($)i am sure there should be lashings of ginger beer in this story somewhere but i cant seem to work out where...

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