One day the decorating will be finished.

07:58, Saturday 17 February 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
I dont feel very well today.
I have this cold that the kids have all had.  Runny nose, sore throat, tickly cough and generally feeling icky and a bit shaky.
So what have i done to make myself feel better?  I have painted the bathroom ceiling  .....  twice!

I did tell Graham a little bit of a fib.  He thought that i probably shouldnt be up a ladder if i wasnt feeling too well and i told him that i was ok and i would stop if i felt funny - but the queasy feeling didnt really start until i was about half way across the ceiling and i wasnt stopping then!!  (maybe he knows me too well )
Anyway it is now finished, the lights are all back up and it looks really good - so that is another job done and i feel happier that it is out of the way.

Got to get started on the bedroom next - for some strange reason i decided that we should get it done BEFORE we go to Scotland in the middle of March (this means that if we dont get it finished before we go we will be leaving Grahams mam in a chaotic house with a half decoated bedroom and 3 kids!!!)  I know it would make more sense to leave it until we get back but i just feel desperate to get on with it.  Until we are decorated we cant get the estate agents in to value and i just want to get the house on the market .  At least then i would feel as if we are moving forward again rather than standing still which we seem to have been doing for ages now.

I know that one day the decorating WILL be finished, we will have sold the house and i will be able to have a whole day off when i am feeling ill (of course that is as long as it is a weekend day and nobody else desperately needs me do to anything!) and of course there is always the problem that when we get moved to oz and buy a new house the whole decorating thing will start again .

Tiggs x

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