Sometimes forum threads really make you stop and think ...

02:55, Sunday 11 February 2007 | Posted in Musings
I have found myself over the last few weeks spending less and less time on the BE forums - not necessarily a bad thing as it does have a tendency to swallow up all of my `spare` time. 

But this last week or so i have come across two threads that made me really stop and think.

The first is probably the most obvious.  I dont suppose there is a regular poster on BE who was not shocked by the thread that Wendy started (here) letting us know that one of BEs regular posters had lost her husband in a swimming incident.
That my heart went out to this lady and her children is an understatement and while i know that there is nothing i could say to ease their loss i am sure that together, as a family, they will get through a very difficult time.  (follow up thread here).

This result of this for me was a timely reminder that non of us know how long we have.  I seem to spend so much of my time trying to fit in all of the daily chores - cooking, cleaning, running about getting the kids to school, tidying, decorating etc etc etc - that sometimes i get to the end of the day and i realise that i have hardly seen anything of anyone else in the house.  It seems such a waste of what could be quality time with my kids and my husband.  I know that i spend far too much time on what are in effect trivial things but on the other hand someone has to do them!
Anyway my point is that I am going to try much harder to remember what is really important to me and make sure that i spend at least a little quality time each day with those that i love the most.  While i dont think that you can 'live each day as if it is your last' you can and should at least try to live each day to its fullest and never miss an opportunity to tell those that you love how much they mean to you. 

The second post was by WholeWorldWindow in the `updates` forum (probably my favourite forum )
Wwwindow had posted to tell people the story of emigrating to Oz with OH, 2 kids and practically no money.  (thread here)  Her wonderfully emotional post told of getting down to their last few cents, the struggle (then and now) of paying their bills and the real ups and downs of finding work .  This thread was just so upbeat.  Rather than letting the negatives get her down wwwindow revels in her surroundings, her lovely home and being with her family ....  there always seem to be so many posts where those who are unhappy blame everything around them for their troubles, and for once it was wonderful to hear someone say - yes this is hard but i love and appreciate what i have.

This thread really confirmed for me what i have long believed - that it is not how much money you have but how you approach your life that makes you a happy person.

Personally our plan for Oz has always been partly an attempt to remove ourselves from what we feel has become a society where `you have to have the right things to be someone`.  We have always planned that we would downsize all the material things in our lives (house, car etc) in order to remove ourselves from debts (small but always there) and, hopefully, replace these things with a far better quality of life based around our family and being together.
Both of the above threads, each in different way, reminded me of things that are important to me, plus in a roundabout way they also reminded me the value of spending time on the forums and talking to other people.

Tiggs x

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