Whatever happened to .... smarties.

02:07, Thursday 25 October 2007 | Posted in Whatever happened to ...
Have you tried them recently?  Smarties?
Firstly you notice that the good old tube is no more - smarties now arrive in a cylindrical packet.  Then you realise that ... !!!Shock Horror!!! ... there is no plastic lid .  Smarties, i am afraid, have become the latest casulty of environmentally friendly packaging (well 'friendlier' anyway).  I am sure that the easier to recycle packet makes a lot of sense - but i used to love those plastic lids!!  The idea to emboss a letter on each one was a stroke of genius by someone in the marketing department.  I can remember as a kid trying to collect the whole alphabet - but of course there was always the one letter that you couldnt find so you had to keep buying more packs in the hope of finding the missing one!

Unfortunatly though the Smartie changes do not stop with the packaging ...
The third thing you notice is the colours.  Think smarties - i am sure that your memory conjures up images of bright green, dazzling yellow, gaudy purple and of course the slightly later addition of that fabulous blue!  But alas that is all no more ... Smarties have gone 'natural' with their ingredients .  No more artifical colours to send the kiddies into hyperactive frenzies in the middle of the supermarket.  The resulting colours now are all sort of ... well dull.  Dull green, muddy brown, dusty red ... it is all very sad to see especially for a girl who used to love sorting her bright smarties into piles of the same colour before eating them .

Ah and now we come to the final point ... eating them ...
Have you tasted the new, environmentally firendly, natural smarties?  They taste horrid!!!  You put one in your mouth and the first sensation is sort of a powdery texture ... distinctly lacking in flavour of any sort  ... and then you get to the chocolate part the taste of which reminds me of those really cheap chocolate advent calendars that you get - eugh .

I have to admit that the 'tube' of smarties that i opened ended up being fed to my children!  (now just for the record i have to reiterate - this was ME ... TIGGS ... and i VOLUNTARILY stopped eating something involving chocolate!!!!  I do realise the shock you are now probably feeling ... ).  The biggest surprise to me however was that my kids were perfectly happy to eat these icky smarties!!  Suddenly i realised that our children, fed on a diet of 'natural ingerdients' dont realise the difference - they have no idea what they are missing - poor things .

Are these changes really necessary i ask myself - i suppose if your children live on a diet of chocolate and crisps then maybe the answer is yes.  On the other hand my kids eat a healthy balanced diet - with chocolate and sweets only featuring as special treats so i am pretty sure that the occasional original smartie wouldnt have hurt them.  So do you think it would work if we tried lobbying nestle to change them back?  ... well i guess only smarties have the answer ...

Tiggs x
(sorry about that but i had to include the smartie tag line somewhere didnt i?!)

Colours, flavours and preservatives!

12:21, Thursday 25 October 2007 | Posted by Fly Away
Reckon you need Haribo for the authentic 'artificial' buzz! So next time your kids need a treat......... LOL


06:31, Thursday 25 October 2007 | Posted by graz79
Do you know the categories do not show in your header bar, that husband of yours has done half a job again!


08:17, Saturday 27 October 2007 | Posted by Tiggs+Graz
Well fix it then you dafty!! :p

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