The dog and the Christmas cake - A cautionary tale.

08:10, Sunday 14 January 2007 | Posted in My family and other animals
I am pretty sure that, just from the title alone, all you lovely readers of my blog have already guessed the sight that met me when returning from shopping this morning.

Cake all over kitchen floor, smashed plate, very pathetic cowering dog (and i hadnt even told her off yet!)... so how exactly did this happen?

Well i think a combination of factors led to this unfortunate incident...
  • Firstly we had gone out BEFORE the dog was walked...
always a mistake.  Daisy only ever does naughty things when she has been left without being walked.  Just lazyness really.
  • Secondly the cake had not been put away...
Lazyness again - when you have finished with something then you ought to put it away.
  • Thirdly she had led me into a false sense of security...
The cake has been hanging around the kitchen since Christmas Eve.  Not a sign had she shown of even a passing interest in it.  No checking out the bench for interesting smells, no trying to sneak a piece from soft touch visitors.  In short i thought all was safe.  Shows how wrong i was she was just biding her time. 

And was it worth it? .... this cake stealing? ... well not really.  Daisy had not actually eaten any of the cake itself.  I am guessing that the plate hitting the floor and smashing was enough to scare the wits (those that she has) completely out of her and left her a quivering wreck in the living room!

So is this intended as a cautionary tale for humans? - dont be so lazy and walk your dog.
Is it intended as a cautionary tale (or tail?!) for dogs? - it is not worth stealing the cake anyway (or else find a way to do it without smashing the plate (a cushion maybe?!))
No.  Personally i think that it is a cautionary tale for the cake - after all, however it ends up you are going to get eaten .

Tiggs x

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04:35, Monday 15 January 2007 | Posted by geordie mandy
I could not help having a giggle at what your dog did. Before we got benji we thought we were safe leaving a chicken to defrost,(small westie cant reach work top) hadn't factored in the cat!!! , she must have knocked the chicken down for Angus needless to say we had a takeaway for dinner.

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