The oddness of rain .... and soft boiled eggs.

09:44, Saturday 30 December 2006 | Posted in My family and other animals
... not that rain and boiled eggs have anything to do with each other .... apart from being two things that stuck in my mind about today... (i really must try to get out more !!)

Quite obvioulsy rain doesn't fall everywhere at the same time - but it still amazes me that you can be sitting in your kitchen looking out at the rain pouring down in your neighbours garden and then you turn and look into your own garden there is bright sunshine and NOT A DROP of rain!!! You could actually make out the 'edge' of the rain just on the other side of the fence.  Maybe I am just easily pleased but for some reason I kind of liked it!!!
On the plus side we did get a lovely bright rainbow - one so obvious that even Callum managed to spot it.  He usually can't make them out at all - even with me holding his chin in the right direction and pointing directly along his line of vision and Rhys shouting 'look there it is' and jumping up and down (although this last part may actually be a hinderance rather than a help ).

As for the soft boiled eggs... well let me just say that eating 'eggs in an egg cup' (Rhys' name for them) with a 2 year old and a 3 year old is an experience that I could happily live without - and may well cause me to give up life altogether if i ever have to do it again!!
Suffice it to say that by the time Rhys had finished his egg I am sure that there was actually more egg on him, the table and the floor than had been in the whole egg in the first place (must be like a Tardis inside the shell!!).  However this experience was easily surpassed by Cal, whos over enthusiastic solider dipping caused his egg cup to over-balance sending his egg shooting off the kitchen table and heading most of the way into the dining room.  I managed to locate it again by following the trail of yoke it had conveniently left behind it as it had rolled merrily on its way!!
By the time I cleaned up the mess my eggs had gone all hard in the middle - - next time i think i will talk them into having 'eggy bread' instead!

Tiggs x

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