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BE's 2011 Christmas Cheer

Posted at 11:03 on Wednesday 30 November 2011
Each Christmas for the last couple of years, some of the BE members who hang out in the Lounge have come together to bring a little Christmas cheer to people in need. One year we raised money and sent cards to a family of orphans who a member of British Expats had taken under their wing. Another year we helped bring a little Christmas cheer to a sick member of the British Expat community.

This year we wanted to bring the British Expats community together as a whole to help the Westfalia Orphanage in Peru. Dakota44, a member of BE for five years, has become involved with the orphanage and brought it to our attention. Dakota44 shares a lot of his own time and money to help the children of the orphanage, and in a recent thread he told BE members more about the orphanage and the work he does for the children in its' care.
"I am working on this project with an Australian bloke, super guy, to provide for the many needs of the children at Westfalia, but we cannot do it alone. Sadly this orphanage receives no financial support from the government and relies completely on donations to carry out day to day functions and pay the costs involved, provide school materials, clothing and most significantly in terms of cost, food.

At the moment they are seriously concerned about food supplies for December, January and February as they do not have sufficient committed donations to ensure regular meals for the children. Breakfast, as it is, is usually only milk with cocoa and lunch a rather watery soup without much other content. Anyone with children knows how much it takes to feed growing kids. And there are 90 of them. We need to buy bulk quantities of everything from rice to flour (they bake their own bread) sugar, beans, chic peas, other dried vegetables for soups, cooking oil, oats, potatoes, onions, carrots, corn and fruit. This obviously takes money. I do what I can every month, but needless to say it is a drop in the bucket in terms of overall needs."

As well as food and blankets, they need clothing, school supplies (pens, markers, notebooks etc) and maybe some inexpensive small toys such as: dolls, stuffed animals, toy cars and action figures. Even a good old football (soccer).

It would be so great if BE members would like to help these children. In whatever way you can. Either by sending the children Christmas cards (can you imagine the look of the children's faces as they start receiving cards from all over the world) or making a small donation, or even sending a care package. Whatever you can do to brighten their lives would be greatly appreciated.

You can send cards and care packages to:

Asociacion Peruana "Westfalia Kinderdorf" Aldea Infantil
R.U.C. 20138079148 (This is to show Peruvian customs authorities the orphanage is registered with the government)

Westfalia Kinderdorf
Calle Cineraria Mz D, Lt 14
Urbanizacion Villa libertad
Monterrico - Surco.

The page for donations is here. Please consider giving. Any amount, no matter how small, will go a long way to helping.

There is a thread running in the Lounge about the 2011 BE Christmas Cheer here, and you can learn more about the Orphanage on Dakota44's blog here

Thanks for reading.

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