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Student Finance England - Posted at 08:35 on Friday 3 July 2015 by POPANDA81377
Hi, I'm a mother of British born twins who regrettably haven't been living in the UK for the past 3 years (& outside the EU). My son has been approved the "Home fee" status by the University he applied for. Where we have a problem is the Student Finance England. We as a family, didn't know about the 3 year residency requirement until 6 months ago. My husband (who is English) has been living and working in the UK during the relevant period (and his whole life) and paying regular tax and NI contributions. Both children have been visiting the UK several times in the past 3 years. There was an initial period of 16 months when they haven't visited the UK due to the serious illness of my late mother (explanatory notes as well as my mum's Death Certificate has been sent to Student Finance England). The property in the UK has been maintained throughout (we have sent relevant papers from the Land Registry as well as Council tax bills and utility bills). Both children were always intending to come back home to the UK to study. We thought we have to prove our temporary absence and intention to come back home to the UK. To support that we have also sent individual School Contracts (from the school my son has just finished). Even the company I was supposed to work for (but regrettably never did) wrote the official letter confirming that there hasn't been any Employment contract. In spite of all of that, Student Finance England would not discuss any aspect of our application and has just been repeating that we do not meet the 3 year residency requirement. My daughter wants to pursue Medicine in the UK. We were even told that after finishing the first 3 years of Medical school, she still would not be eligible for any student support for the remaining years. Instead we were told that we should wait 3 years in the UK in order to qualify. I think that this is absolutely unacceptable that the English children with excellent grades can't come back to England to study. It might be important to stress that my husband & I have been living apart, but are neither divorced nor separated. We have chosen this rather difficult lifestyle primarily so that the children can complete their education abroad, before we all return back home to the UK. We have never left the UK in true sense of the word. Instead we all have been commuting between the two countries and spending as much and as often time together. Having said that, I have to point out that the children have been travelling much less than us. Even that decision seems to be wrong. I thought that they should be regularly attending the school and getting their good grades. Instead it looks as if it would have been better if they were coming to the UK every 3 months. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone please advice me on what to do? Also did anyone explore other sources of funding (private student loan companies).
Please register to the British Expat forums - Posted at 12:02 on Saturday 4 July 2015 by BEVS
Hi there.
You have put this in the wrong place. This is a blog which is akin to your personal diary. You will need to register with British Expats with a username and password. From there, you can ask your question & will receive responses
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