Thursday 23 July 2009
Quick update from the dark-side

Hey everyone!

We have been here in erm ..not so sunny Perth a week now.  It's mostly bucketed it down, with the odd hail, thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.  Today has been mostly dry, and it's brightened all of our spirits.

The house we are in is very nice,(the living area itself is the size of the shoebox ) the twins have been in the pool twice until their little bottoms have turned blue, but it just had to be done. (me? I'm far too sensible for all that malarky)!

We've been so busy, we've sorted bank accounts (Westpac are the freindliest bunch of bankers we have ever met), swwapped my driving licence (I was worried that I'd fail the eye test, but I got tips from #2 after her medical), we have a joyous morning wasted, erm I mean spent at Centrelink - Jeese - I get goosebumps just thinking about going back there! Ugh !  OH has met two recruitment agencies, both have been really friendly and helpful and have been impressed with his cv (resume) and work file with his bit n bobs in (not literally). We've bought a car (it's the size of a whale n a bit of a banger but we have to start somewhere right)? Yay - I'm happy to report I got my own way with the sat nav and it's been a god-send on the whole. (Unless OH turms it off declaring it doesnt know what its doing! - We are calling her Kylie).

Just waiting for our TFN (Tax File Number) and medicare are the only "biggies" left to sort.

The kids have been very good on the whole, it's not been easy for them, hanging around all these boring places and the weather been poo. But we've tried to keep them entertained.

So glad we have had the opportunity to makeour first BE friends - Irishbloo n family - thank you XXX

We went to a park (Neil Simpson?) near Lake Joondalup, and the kids fed the birds, the parrots came and landed on us all and took the seeds out of our hands, it was quite an experience, (especially when the little b****ers were a little too enthusiastic).

Ooo - OH managed to light the BBQ last night, he cooked some bangers for the kids in 2 jumpers and a coat whilst we watched from inside, there was a gigantic spider web avec big hairy and weird coloured spider in the centre - the web spanned across the side of the house to trhe fence n I took a picture of it before it creeped me out.

We havent been sleeping too well (understandably I think) it's been so blimmin cold on a night in the house, the houses are just not made for cold weather - you can actually see light all the way the front door. We've been trying to stay awake during the day, and have been going to bed late so we can get to sleep.

Mentally?- I had one of the saddest moments of my life at the airport, saying goodbye to my best friend - (my sister was sensible and said goodbye to us at the shoebox) but ......... on the other side, when we flew over Perth and I saw the city out of my window - I also had a lump in my throat, so happy to finally get here. That memory will stay with me forever.  We all cheered and clapped when we landed.

Now? Well I feel a bit in limbo really - not that I'm unhappy, just unsettled - I think I'll be happier when we are down in Padbury, and nearer to finding a more permanent rental, and of course OH a job and kids in school would be great, but hey, I can be patient, one small step at a time right!? Anyway - UK is now known as Blighty and I definately can now start calling Australia home, and this makes me very very very happy. :o)

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It's strange at first ........
but it gets easier.

I'm with you on the Sat Nav front, it really helped me when driving around on my own.
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