Saturday 11 July 2009
Emotional Goodbye's

I finished work on Thursday - I was fine until the boss started to cry - we hugged and kissed and promised to keep in touch - I then went to pick up OH and had to pull-over and had a good sob! I felt better for it, and OH think's I'm being so soft for crying. Tsk!

Friday was the last day at school for the kids. They got loads of lovely and personal presents and folders, picture's and photo's - it was lovely for them. The twins got small "Tiger Tim"s in school uniform (class celebrity) and their teacher wrote us a lovely personal card saying how lovely our kids are, and her personal email address to keep in touch. My friend couldnt come to school because she couldnt bear to say goodbye, but has txt me loads. Again, I've had to have a good cry in the car on my own. #1 was very emotional when she left, and for most of the evening. I tried to tell her that that's the sad bit over - we have the exciting bit to look forward to now.

I have been to my best friends house on Thursday night - again, we'd both been holding it in for ages n we had a good cuddle and cry (or wail) I found a lovely photo of us (mind you it has got me doing "bunny-ears" fingers behind her head), and I've bought a lovely frame and wrapped it up. I'm gonna give it to her at the airport. :o)

Tonight we've had our family party, it was kinda subdued (my family not really party people) we took loads of photo's but I was kinda detached, as to be honest we're not really a close knit bunch, apart from my little brother - who had to leave early as his little girl was ill and not happy at all. I walked him to the car and we had a hug and cry - I told him that I loved him, something I've never done before, but wanted him to know, I'm sure he knows already but I had to tell him anyway. #2 complained of tummy ache and was spectacularly sick. Poor little thing. She fell asleep in the car and so I put her straight to bed, I hope she'll be OK tomorrow.

We've visited some close friends this morning, more tomorrow. We're more or less all packed up now, just a little to go, then deep clean on Monday.  Tomorrow's task will be to persuade my sister that she really doesn't want to come to the airport with us, I'd much rather say our goodbyes here, and it will be at least a 3 hour round trip for her and very traumatic. It's her that will have to drive all the way back upset.

Anyway - I am drained, so my mattress awaits - 3 sleeps, 2 days to go until we fly.

Night night, sleep tight, make sure the bed bugs dont bite, if they do, take off your shoe, and wack them 'til they're black and blue!

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Im so glad you had a leaving do. This feeling of detachment will last for a bit yet. Be prepared for it to suddenly hit you - probably a day before you go and be prepared for emotions you have never had, never thought you would feel and just go with the flow.

The minute you check in at that airport, don't look back at what and who you have left behind, you wont be able to move forward if you do this. Look forwards always, be prepared to work hard to make it work, accept that its the 'same shit and shinier bucket' and accept the differences.The same rules of life apply only in a different country and culture.

I wont say its easy doing it because its not but if you take it slowly and one day at a time, dont expect too much of yourself - it really helps.

We are getting closer to having that beer!
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dig deep
I thought our leaving do was like a cross between a wedding and a wake - a very stressful, sad experience.

All the very best on your new journey.

Jules <3
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