Wednesday 1 July 2009
Quality time?

We paid our last rent cheque this morning - just the two weeks, it's now only 13 sleeps to go!  Kids finish school next week. NEXT WEEK! I can't believe I'm saying that really!!??

There isn't much left to do around the shoebox, a deep clean of kitchen and bathroom and of course making sure that we leave it in as good as condition as we can.  I want to leave the UK with my conciounce in tact. 

I'm finding myself lacking concentration, everyone keeps telling us how brave we are being - ending up in 2 weeks time at the other side of the world, with just us and our cases - I really don't think the gravity of what we are doing has actually properly sunk in?  Maybe it will hit me later, nearer the time, after we arrive or even a few months down the line?? Who knows?

I'm seeing my friend on Sunday evening to see if she wants the car, that's the only thing really I have to sort out.  I am now worrying I've missed something catastrophic that I haven't done!?? Umnnhh?

We are trying to fit in seeing everyone before we leave, we've been invited out, to parties, people are coming to see us, but what is apparent is absence of supposed friends, close friends, that we thought would be making the effort to see us that haven't? We have decided not to chase anyone, if we mean anything to them, they will come, but if not, then they aren't as precious as we thought they were?

We are still applying for jobs for OH, and he's itching to get back into things.

Last night the sky box eventually packed up on us ...ah well, we have to get used to poor TV I guess, the only annoying thing was it was my TV night! Tuesday consist of The One Show, Eastenders, Holby City, then at the moment it's Personal Affairs which takes us up until 10pm. I love to curl up with my duvet and just have some "me" time. Instead I had to actually talk to OH after at least an hour of buggering about with the TV before I eventually gave up. Hey-ho - something else for this weekend's tip run I guess.

I'm still feeling quite strong mentally - mind you my twin sister isnt back from her holiday's until Monday, the she's back up to Scotland for a couple of days then back down to "spend some quality time with us all before we leave her forever"! What joy!  I wonder sometimes what quality time actually mean's? I dont think me or anyone else realises it's quality time until after the event do they?

My sister's "Quality time" = her spoiling the kids and crying! Pah!


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