Sunday 28 June 2009

Well I've ahd a really good weekend thanks guys - I've had a"CAN-DO" attitude and have been busy busy busy. I've acheived so much, and my job list is down to half a page - good going that uh?!

I had a really good cry in the bath tonight, it's been coming for a while now, and I feel beter for it TBH. It can't do anygood to bottle up these things can it, the shoebox it getting barer by the day, and the cases are getting fuller, and I can't wait to get on that plane, although, a part of me will always be in this place, Yorkshire, in the hills, the tree's, the valley's, the dry stone wall's and the cow's. OK, so not as much in the cows as you might think, but you get what I mean....

 I have bee searching for a poem about emigration, to sum up the way I'm feeling at the moment - but I just can't - so forgive my ameturish attempt at poetry... here goes...

Although I am about to depoart on the biggest journey of my lfe

I am thinking is it all about me, the mother, the sister, the wife?

Do I care not for the peoplebehind  that I leave?

About the hills where I've gown, about the flowers and the tree's?

But yes I do care, for this place is a part of me,

Like the accent in my voice, and the way I greet thee,

Although I have travelled far and wide

This is where I am from, and this I can't deny

I am leaving for good,I know this for sure,

But yet I am not sad, nor glad, but pure

in the knowledge of the deed I am doing for my kids

For my husband, our future and this is why I did what I did

I hope we find a new home to settle,

A new job, school and yet another new kettle,



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Take loads of photos - of the place where you live - of the kids schools - of the local shops - of the shoebox............ I'm coming back for a visit in Sept after nearly 4 years away and I shall be taking photos of all of the above to look back on when I'm missing home :o)

Not long now. Stay strong!

Jules x
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