Thursday 25 June 2009

It's 05.30 at the moment and I've been awake since 4am at least.  We had such a busy day yesterday you'd of thought I'd need at least a marching band through the bedroom to wake me, but unfortunately not.

I had the day off work yesterday so we could take #2 to the eye hospital, her eye's are still improving and are just border-line that she still needs glasses (yay) BUT...her eye that the pupil is oval in, is slightly off centre, so they would like to do more tests to make sure it's nothing more sinister (Boo) so I explained our impeding emmigration and they will write us a letter to take with us, so we can follow-on her monitoring in Aus. So guess what? Srprise suprise .... I can't help but worry about it! Grr - I'm gonna have a serious word with myself later.

We then went into town and got rid of some jewellery that we no longer need. Amongts it was OH's wedding ring (now don't gasp in disbelief - the ring, although very nice, was "D" shape, but not flat against his finger, so allsort's of dirt, soap and pastry were getting stuck underneath it and making his finger sore, as well as being slightly too small for him. It wouldve cost more to alter it than to buy him another, so that's what we did! He promised he'd never take it off and it looks lovely.

Went shopping, various pick-up's and drop-off's at school, then we were invited to a BBQ with friends (they have a HUGE house and garden n our kids get on well with each-other) So we had a lovely time, and walked home - cross country which took us about an hour. Blimey aren't cow's big when you get close up to them?! Everyone found it hilarious when I was talking to one who seemed to be in solitary confinment from the rest of the herd, and it proceding to glare at me and urinate in response! Tsk!

Kid's got to bed about 9.30 - tut tut - on a school day as well! So they are all fast asleep now... I wish I was!

In other new's, noboday seem's to want the stuff I'm putting on ebay! Grr! My friend is gonna buy the car from me (Yay) , we've paid for all the accomodation now, my normally unemotional mum broke down in tears the other night, I was moaning about my sister and the leaving do scenario, and she just said "Oh Perthfect, I can't believe you're going, I'm just trying to convince myself you're just going on holiday"!  I tried to hold it in, but we did have a hug and shed a tear. The rest of the visit was "lump-in-throat" and with watery eye's.

My little brother rang yesterday, and it's been decided! We're having a family bash on the Saturday tea-time before we leave on the Tuesday. God it's gonna be horrendous! We're having it here in the shoebox unless I can convince Mum to have it there?

Right, I must try and get some sleep, otherwise I'll be even more disagreeable than normal! (Difficult I know)

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Don't underestimate the emotions you are going to feel, please look after yourself and your health now more than ever because the 'running on empty' will catch up with you a few weeks after landing and can make you ill.

Dont be afraid of crying/hugging your family, I wish I had done that more. I was quite mechanical saying goodbye to mine, something I now regret.

Give yourself an hour each night for you - to do the things YOU enjoy.

Just go with the flow but be kind to yourself, this is so stressful, so do what you can to make it easier.

Hug your Mum every day you can and let her cry if she wants and let them organise your party as their way of 'letting you go' and coming to terms with it.

And when you get here, I hope you are still up for that beer.
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