Saturday 20 June 2009
The sands of time

Yesterday I said goodbye to a good friend, I looked after her two boys when they were little and we got really close, the boys hugged me which was really weird because it was a bit of a standing joke that they fought me off when I insisted on a goodbye kiss n cuddle.

We had a laugh and talked about everything and nothing before she went. She was in bits but I held in together until she drove round the corner and out of sight.

OH is driving me NUTS! God when am I gonna get him back to work!!??  He's already got a job interview lined up and we have been emailing his resume to a few places we know he'd be perfect for.  He's getting restless too, we are all having to suffer cabin fever, well shoebox fever more than we'd like, getting stuff sorted. At the moment all 4 of them are fighting, erm I mean sorting stuff out upstairs. We have a row of cases lined up in #1's bedroom and we're trying to spread the weight with photo albumn's spread out, OH's large knife set, and collection of press articles, recipe's, special menu's he's collectedd over the years shared out a bit.

I'm sat in the middle of the living room floor, with various piles of crap aaround me - to ebay, gumtree, throw, charity shop, school summer fair etc, I just cant remember which one is which!??

I can't tell you how the time is flying past, 3 weeks on Tuesday and so much to sort out.  The agony of waiting has left us, and now time is slipping through our fingers at an alarming rate.

My sister has calmed herself down a bit, and is now focusing on trying to rail-road us into a leaving party, we just dont want it, we'd rather slip away in the middle of the night without any fuss or emotional goodbye's. Are we being too selfish? We got married without telling anyone, and my sister didnt talk to me for about 2 months! Every cloud has a silver lining :o)  I will NOT have her upsetting the kids, that's my job! :o)

This time next month ........ :o)

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Initially we didnt want a leaving party either and like yourselves, got married without telling family.

We had a leaving party in the end as it gave our family something to do and allowed them to be involved, it also in funny way, helped them get to the acceptance stage of our departure.

You are not being selfish for not wanting one but it would be an incredibly kind gesture on your part to let your sister organise something so by the time comes, she has it clear in her own head that you are leaving.

You do go through the motions at these parties, you will be running on empty but it does at least let your family say their goodbyes and cope with the variety of emotions that they go through.

For them it is a form of closure and for you, well you did it for them and that makes it a pretty good thing to do.
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I remember this stage well. You will get through it. It will all be fine.
Posted by Fly Away at 02:34, Sunday 21 June 2009 | Link | |

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