Monday 15 June 2009
4 weeks to go

Right, let me think what I've been doing this week, it exactly one month or 4 weeks to go.


Spoken to Dentist and optician  re hand-over flies, damn this tiny note book - I mean files!

Had 3 telephone conversation's with my twin sister re: how she feels like we are all dying! Tsk!

Told Inland Revenue - eek - bye bye child tax credits and child benefit I'll miss you *sniff*

Had a hug from the kids School Headmistress! (Yes I was as surprised as you)! How bizarre!?

Ebayed some more stuff - (inc 7 books as a job lot about Perth and Australia - anyone interested should look at item number: 320384559418

Had 3 barbeques at various friends houses' and took some lovely photo's.

Got the first lump in my throat whilst having a general chit chat about everything and nothing with L - God I'll miss our inane ramblings.

Told my bank (fine with me emigrating as long as accounts not inactive for 2 years).

Paid for initial 2 week's accomodation.

Booked 1 week hire car (and transport to rental from airport).

Already filled 1 suitcase, onto number 2 now..

Bought funky ribbon to tie round suitcase handles so easily recognised.

Thrown LOADS of rubbish out!

Lost 4lbs in weight! (yay)

Sent my driving licence off to get points removed from 6 years ago.

Paid off Council tax to the date we're leaving.

I'm sleeping a little better - the more I do the better I feel :o)

Mentally I'm fine, and still feeling positive. I'm likening it to being pregnant - I remember when lots of friends used to say "ooo .. Perthfect ...... what you gonna do when you go into labour"? (I openingly admit I have a severe allergy to pain).

"What the hell do you think I'm gonna do"? I'd answer.... Probably be in a lot of pain, but will eventually come out the other end of the nightmare in one peice! I know the pain is coming, but I'm really not gonna think about it until the day (if I can) or at least until nearer the time.

Now if only my sister would shut the f*** up, we'd all be a lot happier! :o)


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