Wednesday 10 June 2009
Swearing Tooth Fairy

My youngest lost her first tooth yesterday. Well, she actually lost both bottom front ones, (after a vigours tooth brushing from me at bed-time). They've been clinging on for dear life for a couple of weeks now, but we eventually got there last night.

The problem I had was that the toothfairy couldn't get near her pillow, due to the fact that  her twin sister sleeps with one ear and one eye open, either the floor or my knee's were creaking, and when I eventually got to the door-way...... they were both sat up, in the same bed (well matress) arms folded waiting paitiently! So - I ranted a bit that they should be asleep n they've probably missed her now (trying my best to hide the guilty look on my face).

I had to set a very quite alarm on my mobile that I'd tucked under my pillow - I woke up at 2am and used every bit of stealth I had in my body to sneak up there. It was pitch black (normally have low lights on but in my rant I'd turned them off). I knelt down when I was somewhere near n gently searched for her pillow. After fondling her legs, face, collection of teddies, n knocking over her water, I did the old 'switcheroo'. I cunningly tucked the envelope with the teeth under her matress (so I wouldnt be caught red handed) n headed for the door.... I stubbed my toe on the open door, which squeeked loudly, (the door not my toe) and I was swearing in my head profusely! She got a pound for one tooth and a dollar for the other :o)

Anyway - migration issues...

Its T-Minus 5 weeks before our flight to Perth! I've now sorted temp accomodation for first 2 weeks, then we're off to stay at rellies for a week, then back in another (nicer) rental for 5 weeks. SO we have accomodation now sorted up until 10th September.

We've sorted out an initial hire car, who will collect and deliver us (and all our suitcases) to our rental.

I've researched and talked to a car dealer about a car we like.

We've handed in our notice on the shoebox.

We've advised the kids' school n asked for hand-over files/reports for the three Perthettes.

We've notified banks, told my boss' at work, started ebaying some bit's n bobs, got our transport arranged to the airport, told relatives n friends the date of our flight (apart from my best friend who's asked not to be told). My twin sister in Scotland keep's ringing and blubbing, she's always been the emotional one, so I'm trying not to get drawn into THAT one. I'm hoping that I wont get too upset (especially in front of the kids) when we leave, I think i might have to steal a moment to myself to get it out in private??? So far though, I'm pretty emotion-less.

I'm feeling pretty positive and organised about it all at the moment. I'm still not sleeping mind you, I'm awaking at the moment about 5am daily, but I'm having good quality sleep up til then. The kids are very excited, the eldest (who's 8) is allowed to take a camera in to school on her last week tand I've said its OK for her friends to sign her polo shirt.

My diet has started again, (yeah the chocofattybumbum regime wasn't really working) - I'm being really good, (really I am)! I have been on the alc-hic-hol wagon for 3 days, jeese, that doesnt sound that long does it - but it is for me! No chocolate, crisps, or other crap - snacking on fruit and having small, low-fat meals, plenty of salad, I already feel better for it. Target weight loss is 2 to 3 lbs a week. I WILL NOT GO TO OZ FAT !!

There - I've said it now !


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Tooth Fairy
The joys of parenting, sounds like fun :)

You can always PM me if you ever need a chat, about anything.

These times can be the toughest. :)
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