Saturday 6 June 2009
Guess what I did yesterday?

Well we loaded up the car, and drove back from the coast yesterday - before leaving I had a quick look and the passports were on their way back !  So, we set off n were in the car about 2hours, I resigned myself to the fact that we will almost definately have missed the postie, so it would mean picking them up at least 24 hours later at local sorting office.

We got home and had the red card to say we'd missed a signed for package *sigh* ah well.!

We unpacked the car, and then we got a knock at the door .... you've guessed it... it was our passports back, with our lovely orange visa sticker's in! Wooopppeeeee!!!!   (You were right, they should've been gold embossed, stamped with the blood of a kangaroo or something!)

We had some lunch and decided we'd have a proper look for flights. We did, and almost booked the desired ones for the 14th July. When I say almost, we were scuppered by emirates who wouldnt let us book online as its so close to the date, so we had to reserve them, but had to travel over to Manchester Airport to pay for them (within 3 days or they'd be cancelled)!

So we did ! :o)

I said ..."why don't we go now"?

OH said... "yes....why dont we"?

So we did ! :o)

Another 2 hours later, in the rush-hour and rain and spray coming at us from every angle, we were the proud new owner's of 5 one-way flight ticket's to Perthfect Perth! :o)  WITH 50kg's baggage allowance!

So 6 hour's on the road, but boy was it worth it! :o)

Today (as the rain is still coming down side-ways - I managed to cross off at least 5 job's on my "to-do" list - we're getting there - slowly but surely.


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OMG.......I dream of being in your position...........soooooooooooooooooooooexcited for you Annette
Posted by annette5 at 10:07, Sunday 7 June 2009 | Link | |
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I am so pleased for you. I knew you would be OK and I really hope we can meet up when you get here.

Posted by Professional Princess at 12:25, Sunday 7 June 2009 | Link | |

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