Wednesday 3 June 2009
Talk to the tissue - the face aint listening!

Yesterday our revised grant letter arrived, (Wooo-hooo) with the correct address on (the mattress). Luckily in my hast to pack for our few days away, I still managed to pack our passports, which really isn't that surprising because I eat, sleep, live and dream everything visa at the moment.

I have my little notebook here, but no printing facilities, so I manually wrote the covering letter out, then we set off for the nearest town in the hunt for a internet cafe where I could print the grant letter off.

I visited the local tourist information, who acurately directed us to an internet cafe that was no longer in use! (tsk) Then we wondered around desperately, in the vain hope of stumbling across another one, (stupid or what)!? It's amazing really, I'm quite shy sometimes, no really, I am .... but  I found myself asking a number of individual's (mostly holiday makers as it turned out) if they knew of any, but no,

It was hot, the kids were moaning, and in a last ditch attempt I asked a rather cuddly, young looking security guard in this shopping centre if he knew (he looked like he didnt know his @rse from his elbow) but he suprisingly was extremely articulate and guided us directly to one just 2 minutes walk away.

Why are these places always so dingey? Anyway the one we found was run by three pre-pubescent geeks, lanky, with equally lanky black hair, spots n teeth that could get letter's out of a letter box, one of them had half a tissue haging out of his left nostril, I talked to the tisse - I just couldn't take my eyes off it!

In seconds we were into the email and grant letter, I asked tissue-boy is I could print out the six pages, just black ink required, he charged me 80p for the privaledge, then brought it to me. When we flicked through it, it was obvious that the ink was running out, and the last couple of pages we barely readable. We had no choice but to accept this, and agreed that all the important info on the first 2 pages was ledgibale.

Then, a similar kind of hunt ensued for the Post Office ! Why oh why is everything so blimmin' difficult!??

So, anyway, it all went off to Australia House yesterday, I've tracked it, and it's arrived safely today. The return leg isn't showing yet, so hoprefully we'll be back in time to sign for it without having to go down to the sorting centre to retrieve it. I reckon it should arrive at the shoebox Friday/Saturday so we can book our flights this weekend.

We now know exactly what flight we want (14th July) and have already arranged a month let at a great house, not far from the freeway or train station in Padbury. The house isnt available until 7th August, so we will book another rental or bunk down at the rellies until it is.

I've been researching cars too, and have found a few that look OK that are within budget. The only problem is that I haven't heard of a lot of the makes or model's so am not sure if I'll be driving a totally street-cred-wrecking-mobile or not??

I'm still not sleeping with excitement, and a little worry about all the thing's we have to so before we leave - but at no point (so far anyway) have I panicked and though what the hell are we doing!!??

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Hi Sal - just PM'd you. Don't log on a lot lately, just lurk.

Good luck with the flights. We got our passports back really quickly! Was quite disappointed when the Visa stamps weren't gold leaf - all the blood, sweat, tears and heartache that go into them!

Hang in there!

Jules x
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Hi Perthfect,

Great blog as usual, I have had a hell of a week with this rollercoster!! nice to see things are going so well for you.

Posted by annette5 at 09:22, Thursday 4 June 2009 | Link | |

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