Thursday 28 May 2009
Head still spinning

I woke up at 4am this morning, my head's still spinning, I just can't sleep, or concentrate on anything for any length of time. I turned the laptop on and we got our grant letter (Yay)!! BUT it has our old adress on (Boo)!! 

I rang DIAC and explained, they do have our new address on their system, it's some sort of technical gliche. The nice lady I spoke to said that it wasnt urgent as our initial entry date isnt until December!! I politely gave her some background that we did actually quite fancy coming out before December *shaking fist at the phone* and she agreed that she would do everything she could to speed a replacement grant letter up for us, but to be prepared for a 2 to 3 week wait!!  WAAHHHH !!!! NO WAY !!!

To cover all bases I also emailed them with the same just in case.......(Me? Not trusting ...nah)!

I'm absolutely cream crackered, the rellies rang at 7am (luckily) which woke me back up, there is so much to sort out, all the accomodation we like is unavailable, I think we might have to up our budget.  Also, renting a car is no problem, but ............... how the hell are we gonna get about 10 suitcases from the airport to our rental (or the rellies)??  I need to think, but just can't organise the contents of my brain at the moment.

OH finishes work tomorrow  (after lunch shift ) - I think they're gonna ask him to stay as long as he can, but our hearts and our mind's are already in Australia, I think he might do the odd "International Wine Night" but that's about it.

We're going away for a week , tomorrow afternoon - I think we are going to enjoy it more now, it will give us some space to think about things. No TV or other distractions so the evening's can be spent researching and looking at rentals, hire cars, schools, jobs etc etc, well, that's the plan anyway.....

We are hoping to book flights for either 14th July (if grant letter and passports back in time) or the 22nd. (only because it will cost about £1k more in flights if we go in between, either that or wait until the end of August, and we both feel like we have waited long enough.

Thanks for all your well wishes peeps - couldn't have coped without you all ((BE Peeps))

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