Wednesday 27 May 2009
The rollercoaster ride is over .........

I signed onto the laptop this morning, I looked at OH's email's; DIAC replied to our PLE of last week ; our application was complete and a descision was being made - I immediately logged on to our evisa progress page thingy (oh you know what I mean) , and under each name is said ....


I screamed at OH (who was still in bed ....well in 'matress' - I ran into the bedroom and showed him, I started crying and shakin inside and out, the kids came running down the stairs, they were crying but had no blimmin' idea why  (when I cry they cry - bless 'em), we explained that we'd got our visa, and had a group hug and girlie cry, I was shaking with shock, excitement, and disbeleif!

It feel's like we were the unluckiest people on earth 2 months ago, and now things have done an about turn and I'm just so gobsmacked, I could cry now!! (soft cow)!

As soon as the visa sticker's are in our passports we can book our flights, we are getting out of this damned shoebox as soon as we can, gonna try to aim for 17th July or there-abouts.

I've rung everyone (first person was lovely Auntie Shirl in Perth - they were screaming down the phone at happy) everyone seems to have more question's than I have answer's for at the mo'!?

We are definately cracking open the Moet tonight, none of the cheap Pommaine tonight I can tell you!

More later - I just can't concentrate at the moment... I'm still shaking !

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Soooo happy for you Sal, your first for the bbq mind. Well done and enjoy your Moet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by shar07 at 05:04, Wednesday 27 May 2009 | Link | |
I am sooooooo happy for you.........but please do not stop the blogs!!!!
love to all your family
Annette....(lancashire girl!!!)
Posted by annette5 at 06:51, Wednesday 27 May 2009 | Link | |
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Many congratulations.
Posted by Sue at 07:51, Wednesday 27 May 2009 | Link | |
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Well done....
Posted by Sugarmooma at 10:40, Wednesday 27 May 2009 | Link | |
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I am so happy for you. Told you so!

Posted by Professional Princess at 02:30, Thursday 28 May 2009 | Link | |
Well done
Sorry for my 'crying into my dinner' comment yesterday, but I literally did! So happy for you, would love to know when my wait will be over, but I'm currently stuck in limboland wondering when I apply for SS to NT, if I'll get it! Will keep u posted! Enjoy ur time away, u deserve it, all of u!

Jen xo
Posted by Jen1977ni at 09:35, Thursday 28 May 2009 | Link | |
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Fantastic. Now the real fun begins! LOL
Posted by Fly Away at 04:19, Saturday 30 May 2009 | Link | |

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