Monday 25 May 2009
Coming down ......

I've been kinda "hyper" all weekend - I think I've only stopped my mental and physical cart-wheels about an hour ago, aand now I feel so happy (still) and also so exhausted.

On Friday I met the kids from school and told them the good news, they were as bad as me! #1 was running round all her friends telling them we had our visa, closely followed by me telling them we hadn't (yet)! It's such a complicated process isn't it, people just don't get it do they?

We had a bottle of pink champagne later, even gave the little one's a sip (please don't tell social services)!?

I slept soundly on friday night for a change, but woke up at 5.30, my mind still reeling in disbeleif that we are back at the front of the queue, and boy, does it feel good!

Saturday consisted on shopping, then to my Boss' house for lunch, then a wedding at 3 and the party afterwards at 5.30.

Sunday, visiting my sister who's down from Scotland, rang the rellies (sooo chuffed for us) shopping, friends for barbeque - what a lovely relaxed afternoon/evening we had, lovely food, comp;any, the sun was shining for a change, the kids had a bril time, and there was even some Aussie mates there who enjoyed giving us some advise! :o)

I've been kinda achey all day today, and I've been so lathargic, I've had a soak in the bath, and just can't keep my eye's open, I think I'm coming down from Cloud 9, it's very high I can tell you! :o)

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Woooo Hooo
I want some pink champagne as well, could you pop some strawberries in please.
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