Friday 22 May 2009

What can I say??

The post came at 1.30pm this aft, I couldn't be bothered running down the stairs to get it, positive it'll be the usual junk or bills ..... I picked up a small white envelope, my eyes blurred as I recognised the WA logo on the front, I started shaking, I nearly started crying, just releived that something was here, scared that it might be rejection........... I was hysterical when I rang OH on his mobile, I half yelled, half cried - "Go outside I have some news!!"

The words blurred ........ "APPLICATION APPROVED" were the only words I could get out ..... I know it's not our visa, but boy, I can feel a lump in my throat just saying that we have our WA SSV approval !! *sniff* I can't tell you what this means to us, it's just the world, it's life changing, (for us anyway) it's right up threre with the birth of our kids, OK, OK it's not quite THAT good, but damn well close to it!!

We've already emailed our acceptance, have already raised a PLE to DIAC, and I feel sick with anticipation ........with excitement ...... hopefully later I'll feel sick with the champagne !! :o)

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Well done, I'm really pleased for you.
Posted by Cassie 10000 at 05:30, Friday 22 May 2009 | Link | |
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That's wonderful news.
Posted by at 06:50, Friday 22 May 2009 | Link | |
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Well enjoy a nice long weekend!
Posted by Sugarmooma at 06:53, Friday 22 May 2009 | Link | |
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Told you so! Knew it, absobloodylutely knew it and you knew that I knew it.

God I am happy for you, seriously happy for you. It's a long and stressful process, it tests you to the max but trust me, if you stick with it you do get there!

Give us a hug! (Samantha now over excited!)
Posted by Professional Princess at 12:37, Saturday 23 May 2009 | Link | |
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Congratulations. Nearly there now. :)
Posted by Fly Away at 08:30, Sunday 24 May 2009 | Link | |
Thanks Guys!
Thank you all so much for your kind words, we are still on cloud 9 and still cant believe our luck - WA - we love you ! :ox
Posted by Perthfect at 02:59, Sunday 24 May 2009 | Link | |

congrats! glad to hear it finally came through. hope the rest goes smoothly!

lerato x
Posted by lerato at 09:52, Monday 25 May 2009 | Link | |

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