Thursday 21 May 2009
Mad Stalker Psycho Bitch from Hell!

Usual day yesterday, after my normal hour of shouting at the kids in the morning we set off for school.... usual route, it's about 8 minutes drive (too far to walk and no pavements so please don't think I'm lazy) anyhoo, we live and go to school in 2 neighbouring villages, connected by a steep winding and narrow road, that unfortunately has quite a lot of traffic on too, Anyway, I drive up and down this road four times a day, and consider myself to be an excellent driver (not your typical woman driver - sorry ladies) any way, this stupid err woman, knocked my wing mirror, it banged back and the glass broke, now, this isnt the first time this has happened, this woman was in a company van, I looked in my rear view mirror and she didnt stop, so neither did I, and just chalked it down to experience, ah well, that's another £12 for a new glass, I continued to have a bit of a moan  for rest of the journey.

Now the village where the kids go to school, there are 3 first schools (a state school, a catholic school and a CofE School) a lot of left, rights, round corner's and more narrow bak streets in order to get parked up. I later I pull up nearish to school, get out and I'm confronted by this crazed mad stalker psycho bitch woman from hell, she gets out of her car and confronts me, saying she'll effing have me for the damage I've done to her car, I did stand up for myself and gave back as good as I got, the kids were crying, I held it in until I rang OH and asked for Police's non-emergency number to report what had happened - it's just not on is it?? To be shouted at and threatened in the street over something that wasnt even my fault!!??

I got to work n just burst in to tears (soft or what) I'm just not used to be treat like this, who gives her the right to threaten me, make my kids cry (I can still see #2's little shoulder's shaking as she lined up to go in), and think nothing of making me miserable!?  To make it worst my boss was sooo nice and even gave me a hug! Jeesee, he nearly broke my neck, but in about half an hour he then started taking the mick out of me as usual! Bless him...

So, to cut a long story short, I had to produce my documents to local Cop Shop, and hopefully she got a visit too! (Bitch) I was awake all last night worrying about it all, and am knackered now.  OH has come with me today in the hope we'd see her again - he's 6ft 3 and can be very scarey ! God I love him!

I'm so very very please to see Rodger_Lawson get his WA SSV (told ya you were next), let's hope it's not going to be too long now for us now ......???

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Good to know
It is good to know us men are useful occassionally. Opening jamjars, reversing into tight parking spots and scaring off mad stalker phsyco bitches


Hopefully it will not be too long before you will be away from that crazy cramped feeling around the schools. Wide open spaces await the emigrator!
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