Thursday 23 July 2009
Quick update from the dark-side

Hey everyone!

We have been here in erm ..not so sunny Perth a week now.  It's mostly bucketed it down, with the odd hail, thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.  Today has been mostly dry, and it's brightened all of our spirits.

The house we are in is very nice,(the living area itself is the size of the shoebox ) the twins have been in the pool twice until their little bottoms have turned blue, but it just had to be done. (me? I'm far too sensible for all that malarky)!

We've been so busy, we've sorted bank accounts (Westpac are the freindliest bunch of bankers we have ever met), swwapped my driving licence (I was worried that I'd fail the eye test, but I got tips from #2 after her medical), we have a joyous morning wasted, erm I mean spent at Centrelink - Jeese - I get goosebumps just thinking about going back there! Ugh !  OH has met two recruitment agencies, both have been really friendly and helpful and have been impressed with his cv (resume) and work file with his bit n bobs in (not literally). We've bought a car (it's the size of a whale n a bit of a banger but we have to start somewhere right)? Yay - I'm happy to report I got my own way with the sat nav and it's been a god-send on the whole. (Unless OH turms it off declaring it doesnt know what its doing! - We are calling her Kylie).

Just waiting for our TFN (Tax File Number) and medicare are the only "biggies" left to sort.

The kids have been very good on the whole, it's not been easy for them, hanging around all these boring places and the weather been poo. But we've tried to keep them entertained.

So glad we have had the opportunity to makeour first BE friends - Irishbloo n family - thank you XXX

We went to a park (Neil Simpson?) near Lake Joondalup, and the kids fed the birds, the parrots came and landed on us all and took the seeds out of our hands, it was quite an experience, (especially when the little b****ers were a little too enthusiastic).

Ooo - OH managed to light the BBQ last night, he cooked some bangers for the kids in 2 jumpers and a coat whilst we watched from inside, there was a gigantic spider web avec big hairy and weird coloured spider in the centre - the web spanned across the side of the house to trhe fence n I took a picture of it before it creeped me out.

We havent been sleeping too well (understandably I think) it's been so blimmin cold on a night in the house, the houses are just not made for cold weather - you can actually see light all the way the front door. We've been trying to stay awake during the day, and have been going to bed late so we can get to sleep.

Mentally?- I had one of the saddest moments of my life at the airport, saying goodbye to my best friend - (my sister was sensible and said goodbye to us at the shoebox) but ......... on the other side, when we flew over Perth and I saw the city out of my window - I also had a lump in my throat, so happy to finally get here. That memory will stay with me forever.  We all cheered and clapped when we landed.

Now? Well I feel a bit in limbo really - not that I'm unhappy, just unsettled - I think I'll be happier when we are down in Padbury, and nearer to finding a more permanent rental, and of course OH a job and kids in school would be great, but hey, I can be patient, one small step at a time right!? Anyway - UK is now known as Blighty and I definately can now start calling Australia home, and this makes me very very very happy. :o)

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Monday 13 July 2009
End of the visa rollercoaster ride

Well this time tomorrow we'll be on that plane heading for Dubai.

We're all packed, I'm sat looking at 10 bulging cases, and there's a few last bits (like the clothes we are in at the moment) to go in.

We've deep cleaned the shoebox and so its just the utilities to ring in the morning for us to leave this place conciounce clear.

I've been OK really - we said goodbye to OH's family last night, and I went through the motions, I nipped into work today to borrow their large scales to weigh all the luggage - we have 234 kilo's so far. I have found that the best thing to do is to make these goodbye's as quick as possible. Recovery time is more3 than halved.

I haven't managed to disuade my sister from coming to the airport, she said she was ccoming whether i liked it or not and it was tough! Ah well - lets hope its quick and painless (ish).

So my bloggin freinds, I guess this is it - the last entry in my visa rollercoaster blog. What a ride we've had, with breath-taking high's and stomach churning lows, but we've had to go through it all to get here where we are today.  No doubt our story is similar to thousand's of other's and I really do empathise with everyone who's been through it, or is about to. Sincere best wishes to everyone - especially you half dozen that read this drivel I spout on my blog.

Thanks so much especially to Professional Princess, Jules, Annette, icemocha (you soon babe), fly , Irishbloo and many more - your kind words have kept me going through my darkest times.

I'll see you on the other side.

Hugs to you all!

Sal (aka Perthfect)


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Saturday 11 July 2009
Emotional Goodbye's

I finished work on Thursday - I was fine until the boss started to cry - we hugged and kissed and promised to keep in touch - I then went to pick up OH and had to pull-over and had a good sob! I felt better for it, and OH think's I'm being so soft for crying. Tsk!

Friday was the last day at school for the kids. They got loads of lovely and personal presents and folders, picture's and photo's - it was lovely for them. The twins got small "Tiger Tim"s in school uniform (class celebrity) and their teacher wrote us a lovely personal card saying how lovely our kids are, and her personal email address to keep in touch. My friend couldnt come to school because she couldnt bear to say goodbye, but has txt me loads. Again, I've had to have a good cry in the car on my own. #1 was very emotional when she left, and for most of the evening. I tried to tell her that that's the sad bit over - we have the exciting bit to look forward to now.

I have been to my best friends house on Thursday night - again, we'd both been holding it in for ages n we had a good cuddle and cry (or wail) I found a lovely photo of us (mind you it has got me doing "bunny-ears" fingers behind her head), and I've bought a lovely frame and wrapped it up. I'm gonna give it to her at the airport. :o)

Tonight we've had our family party, it was kinda subdued (my family not really party people) we took loads of photo's but I was kinda detached, as to be honest we're not really a close knit bunch, apart from my little brother - who had to leave early as his little girl was ill and not happy at all. I walked him to the car and we had a hug and cry - I told him that I loved him, something I've never done before, but wanted him to know, I'm sure he knows already but I had to tell him anyway. #2 complained of tummy ache and was spectacularly sick. Poor little thing. She fell asleep in the car and so I put her straight to bed, I hope she'll be OK tomorrow.

We've visited some close friends this morning, more tomorrow. We're more or less all packed up now, just a little to go, then deep clean on Monday.  Tomorrow's task will be to persuade my sister that she really doesn't want to come to the airport with us, I'd much rather say our goodbyes here, and it will be at least a 3 hour round trip for her and very traumatic. It's her that will have to drive all the way back upset.

Anyway - I am drained, so my mattress awaits - 3 sleeps, 2 days to go until we fly.

Night night, sleep tight, make sure the bed bugs dont bite, if they do, take off your shoe, and wack them 'til they're black and blue!

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Thursday 9 July 2009
Mixed Bag - 5 days to go

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag really - me n my boss decided to spend the morning chatting rather than working, I am so lucky to have found them, it's just a shame I've only managed to work there less than 6 months, I can quite honestly say it's the best place I've ever worked, they are friendly, funny, and I feel like I've known them forever. It's my last day today and I just know I'm going to cry.

Anyway, yesterday after finishing work, I couldnt get round the end of the driveway at work as it was being blocked by a van (parked illegally) and I managed to scrape the back door on the galaxy! I'm so bloody annoyed with myself - I really dont think my friend will want it now, n no doubt the value has just plummeted. Grrr - what a muppet I am!!

We went out last night, all expenses paid meal n drinks at OH's restaurant. Just us 2 and 2 more close friends. It was really nice, apart from the fact that most of past and present staff came to join us whilst we were eating - not a problem in itself, but call me old fashioned but I'd personally wait to be invited. I think word had got around that the boss' were paying so people were helping themself to wine and whatever else they could get their hands on!!  The boss' PA gave me her email address, she is so lovely and knows what we have been through with #2 daughter - she cried last night but I managed to hold it in, then I have somehow managed to lose her address! Again - so annoyed with myself ! She has mine so hopefully she'll get in touch.

Still suffering from insomnia, we've only got a bit of packing to do this weekend, oh yes, and sell the car, but apart from that all done!  I seem to have volunteered last night to visit various people with the kids, when I'd promised myself that I'd make everyone visit us - that'll be the champagne's fault then uh!!?

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Tuesday 7 July 2009
Insomnia (Part 2)

It's 2am here in the UK and guess what?

Yep..... I can't sleep.

I have now gone into a mini-panic that in ONE WEEK we'll be emmigrating to Australia!

Jesus, I never thought I'd be saying that!

I've been analysing how I feel about it, and have come to the conclusion that the sinking feeling that I've been getting in the pit of my stomach when I awake in the morning is, in fact, PANIC!  This isnt the usual sort of panic mind you, you know the sort where you're frantically  running around like a headless chicken sort of panic (or should I say headless chook)? Oh no, this type of panic is a sneaky little fecker, that is quite cunning, and just linger's in your sub-concious without you really noticing its there, then up it creeps and pokes you in the ribs with its hard pointy little finger!

I am now collecting and writing down all the possible telephone numbers we might need on arrival JUST in case my phone doesnt work. Paranoya is also getting ITS grubby little pointy fingers aimed at my ribs too I think!?

We have a nice row of suitcases already lined up in the shoebox living room, that due to the size of the said shoebox, is now doubling up as a table , chairs, and a mini-roundabout for the kids.

Anyway, me n my two friends panic and paranoya have things to do .........


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Friday 3 July 2009
Snoop Dog and The Headmistress

Yesterday it was the kids summer school disco - they were adamant about going, they love to dance.

Instead of the usual DJ (Dazzling Darren n his dead pan antics) it was a snoop doggy dog wannabe,  peak cap teetering just on top of his fro, and at a who played HIS own favourite songs, whilst busting moves and spinnig uncontrolably - he even threw in the odd moonwalk - whilst illegibaly singing along - out of breath. Heee-hheeeee !! Owww!!

Most of the kids just stared at him, slack jawed, just wanting a bit of High School Musical or the such like.

"What's your name cute thing" ? He asked the headmistress - "Mrs Parker" ! she said sternly, so she was known as Preeeteeee Parker for the rest of the evening. (She was NOT amused)!

Well, I have less than a week left at work, I love my boss to bits but FFS if we have another conversation where he insits I must be bricking it with only X amount of days to go, I wont be held responsible for my actions! He was very quiet and nice to me for the rest of the morning - jeese it's just not like him,  I dont think he swore at me once!!!?? What a b*stard!  :o)

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Wednesday 1 July 2009
Quality time?

We paid our last rent cheque this morning - just the two weeks, it's now only 13 sleeps to go!  Kids finish school next week. NEXT WEEK! I can't believe I'm saying that really!!??

There isn't much left to do around the shoebox, a deep clean of kitchen and bathroom and of course making sure that we leave it in as good as condition as we can.  I want to leave the UK with my conciounce in tact. 

I'm finding myself lacking concentration, everyone keeps telling us how brave we are being - ending up in 2 weeks time at the other side of the world, with just us and our cases - I really don't think the gravity of what we are doing has actually properly sunk in?  Maybe it will hit me later, nearer the time, after we arrive or even a few months down the line?? Who knows?

I'm seeing my friend on Sunday evening to see if she wants the car, that's the only thing really I have to sort out.  I am now worrying I've missed something catastrophic that I haven't done!?? Umnnhh?

We are trying to fit in seeing everyone before we leave, we've been invited out, to parties, people are coming to see us, but what is apparent is absence of supposed friends, close friends, that we thought would be making the effort to see us that haven't? We have decided not to chase anyone, if we mean anything to them, they will come, but if not, then they aren't as precious as we thought they were?

We are still applying for jobs for OH, and he's itching to get back into things.

Last night the sky box eventually packed up on us ...ah well, we have to get used to poor TV I guess, the only annoying thing was it was my TV night! Tuesday consist of The One Show, Eastenders, Holby City, then at the moment it's Personal Affairs which takes us up until 10pm. I love to curl up with my duvet and just have some "me" time. Instead I had to actually talk to OH after at least an hour of buggering about with the TV before I eventually gave up. Hey-ho - something else for this weekend's tip run I guess.

I'm still feeling quite strong mentally - mind you my twin sister isnt back from her holiday's until Monday, the she's back up to Scotland for a couple of days then back down to "spend some quality time with us all before we leave her forever"! What joy!  I wonder sometimes what quality time actually mean's? I dont think me or anyone else realises it's quality time until after the event do they?

My sister's "Quality time" = her spoiling the kids and crying! Pah!


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Sunday 28 June 2009

Well I've ahd a really good weekend thanks guys - I've had a"CAN-DO" attitude and have been busy busy busy. I've acheived so much, and my job list is down to half a page - good going that uh?!

I had a really good cry in the bath tonight, it's been coming for a while now, and I feel beter for it TBH. It can't do anygood to bottle up these things can it, the shoebox it getting barer by the day, and the cases are getting fuller, and I can't wait to get on that plane, although, a part of me will always be in this place, Yorkshire, in the hills, the tree's, the valley's, the dry stone wall's and the cow's. OK, so not as much in the cows as you might think, but you get what I mean....

 I have bee searching for a poem about emigration, to sum up the way I'm feeling at the moment - but I just can't - so forgive my ameturish attempt at poetry... here goes...

Although I am about to depoart on the biggest journey of my lfe

I am thinking is it all about me, the mother, the sister, the wife?

Do I care not for the peoplebehind  that I leave?

About the hills where I've gown, about the flowers and the tree's?

But yes I do care, for this place is a part of me,

Like the accent in my voice, and the way I greet thee,

Although I have travelled far and wide

This is where I am from, and this I can't deny

I am leaving for good,I know this for sure,

But yet I am not sad, nor glad, but pure

in the knowledge of the deed I am doing for my kids

For my husband, our future and this is why I did what I did

I hope we find a new home to settle,

A new job, school and yet another new kettle,



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Thursday 25 June 2009

It's 05.30 at the moment and I've been awake since 4am at least.  We had such a busy day yesterday you'd of thought I'd need at least a marching band through the bedroom to wake me, but unfortunately not.

I had the day off work yesterday so we could take #2 to the eye hospital, her eye's are still improving and are just border-line that she still needs glasses (yay) BUT...her eye that the pupil is oval in, is slightly off centre, so they would like to do more tests to make sure it's nothing more sinister (Boo) so I explained our impeding emmigration and they will write us a letter to take with us, so we can follow-on her monitoring in Aus. So guess what? Srprise suprise .... I can't help but worry about it! Grr - I'm gonna have a serious word with myself later.

We then went into town and got rid of some jewellery that we no longer need. Amongts it was OH's wedding ring (now don't gasp in disbelief - the ring, although very nice, was "D" shape, but not flat against his finger, so allsort's of dirt, soap and pastry were getting stuck underneath it and making his finger sore, as well as being slightly too small for him. It wouldve cost more to alter it than to buy him another, so that's what we did! He promised he'd never take it off and it looks lovely.

Went shopping, various pick-up's and drop-off's at school, then we were invited to a BBQ with friends (they have a HUGE house and garden n our kids get on well with each-other) So we had a lovely time, and walked home - cross country which took us about an hour. Blimey aren't cow's big when you get close up to them?! Everyone found it hilarious when I was talking to one who seemed to be in solitary confinment from the rest of the herd, and it proceding to glare at me and urinate in response! Tsk!

Kid's got to bed about 9.30 - tut tut - on a school day as well! So they are all fast asleep now... I wish I was!

In other new's, noboday seem's to want the stuff I'm putting on ebay! Grr! My friend is gonna buy the car from me (Yay) , we've paid for all the accomodation now, my normally unemotional mum broke down in tears the other night, I was moaning about my sister and the leaving do scenario, and she just said "Oh Perthfect, I can't believe you're going, I'm just trying to convince myself you're just going on holiday"!  I tried to hold it in, but we did have a hug and shed a tear. The rest of the visit was "lump-in-throat" and with watery eye's.

My little brother rang yesterday, and it's been decided! We're having a family bash on the Saturday tea-time before we leave on the Tuesday. God it's gonna be horrendous! We're having it here in the shoebox unless I can convince Mum to have it there?

Right, I must try and get some sleep, otherwise I'll be even more disagreeable than normal! (Difficult I know)

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Monday 22 June 2009
Uncle Bob

3 weeks to go ..... I'm still feeling pretty calm about everything, I think it's mainly due to having a good night's sleep last night.  I was feeling more panicky over the weekend - but a few more jobs ticked off the list and I'm feeling much more composed.

Both my mother and my boss reckon that we'll be back - but I'm sure we will make it work, life is what you makee it right? I'm gonna enjoy proving them wrong.

We've trasferred som money to our Oz bank account today - no more cash coming in to our UK one's so it feel's like we have a toe-hold on our new lives in Australia now.

I'm off up to my mum's tonight to sort out all the kid's Premium Bonds - we will cash theem in and open up an Australian bank account for them when we get there.  I am 100% commited to making it work - and feeling quite confident and serene at the moment. (Don't say it - it won't last). Will speak to her about leaving do (thanks PP - you've made me think about it if nothing else)!? X

In other new's, #2 has another appointment at the eye hospital on Wednesday - bless her, the best we can hope for is that she won't need them any more, but I've done a "Do It Yourself" eye examination and I'm sure one eye is a lot weaker then the other - maybe when if we end up settling in some remote outpost it might be my next career choice - saw off some jam-jar bottom's and  with my orthodontic antics of last week (tooth fairy) then surely Robert's your Mother's Brother!?  How can I fail!? :o)

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Saturday 20 June 2009
The sands of time

Yesterday I said goodbye to a good friend, I looked after her two boys when they were little and we got really close, the boys hugged me which was really weird because it was a bit of a standing joke that they fought me off when I insisted on a goodbye kiss n cuddle.

We had a laugh and talked about everything and nothing before she went. She was in bits but I held in together until she drove round the corner and out of sight.

OH is driving me NUTS! God when am I gonna get him back to work!!??  He's already got a job interview lined up and we have been emailing his resume to a few places we know he'd be perfect for.  He's getting restless too, we are all having to suffer cabin fever, well shoebox fever more than we'd like, getting stuff sorted. At the moment all 4 of them are fighting, erm I mean sorting stuff out upstairs. We have a row of cases lined up in #1's bedroom and we're trying to spread the weight with photo albumn's spread out, OH's large knife set, and collection of press articles, recipe's, special menu's he's collectedd over the years shared out a bit.

I'm sat in the middle of the living room floor, with various piles of crap aaround me - to ebay, gumtree, throw, charity shop, school summer fair etc, I just cant remember which one is which!??

I can't tell you how the time is flying past, 3 weeks on Tuesday and so much to sort out.  The agony of waiting has left us, and now time is slipping through our fingers at an alarming rate.

My sister has calmed herself down a bit, and is now focusing on trying to rail-road us into a leaving party, we just dont want it, we'd rather slip away in the middle of the night without any fuss or emotional goodbye's. Are we being too selfish? We got married without telling anyone, and my sister didnt talk to me for about 2 months! Every cloud has a silver lining :o)  I will NOT have her upsetting the kids, that's my job! :o)

This time next month ........ :o)

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Monday 15 June 2009
4 weeks to go

Right, let me think what I've been doing this week, it exactly one month or 4 weeks to go.


Spoken to Dentist and optician  re hand-over flies, damn this tiny note book - I mean files!

Had 3 telephone conversation's with my twin sister re: how she feels like we are all dying! Tsk!

Told Inland Revenue - eek - bye bye child tax credits and child benefit I'll miss you *sniff*

Had a hug from the kids School Headmistress! (Yes I was as surprised as you)! How bizarre!?

Ebayed some more stuff - (inc 7 books as a job lot about Perth and Australia - anyone interested should look at item number: 320384559418

Had 3 barbeques at various friends houses' and took some lovely photo's.

Got the first lump in my throat whilst having a general chit chat about everything and nothing with L - God I'll miss our inane ramblings.

Told my bank (fine with me emigrating as long as accounts not inactive for 2 years).

Paid for initial 2 week's accomodation.

Booked 1 week hire car (and transport to rental from airport).

Already filled 1 suitcase, onto number 2 now..

Bought funky ribbon to tie round suitcase handles so easily recognised.

Thrown LOADS of rubbish out!

Lost 4lbs in weight! (yay)

Sent my driving licence off to get points removed from 6 years ago.

Paid off Council tax to the date we're leaving.

I'm sleeping a little better - the more I do the better I feel :o)

Mentally I'm fine, and still feeling positive. I'm likening it to being pregnant - I remember when lots of friends used to say "ooo .. Perthfect ...... what you gonna do when you go into labour"? (I openingly admit I have a severe allergy to pain).

"What the hell do you think I'm gonna do"? I'd answer.... Probably be in a lot of pain, but will eventually come out the other end of the nightmare in one peice! I know the pain is coming, but I'm really not gonna think about it until the day (if I can) or at least until nearer the time.

Now if only my sister would shut the f*** up, we'd all be a lot happier! :o)


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Wednesday 10 June 2009
Swearing Tooth Fairy

My youngest lost her first tooth yesterday. Well, she actually lost both bottom front ones, (after a vigours tooth brushing from me at bed-time). They've been clinging on for dear life for a couple of weeks now, but we eventually got there last night.

The problem I had was that the toothfairy couldn't get near her pillow, due to the fact that  her twin sister sleeps with one ear and one eye open, either the floor or my knee's were creaking, and when I eventually got to the door-way...... they were both sat up, in the same bed (well matress) arms folded waiting paitiently! So - I ranted a bit that they should be asleep n they've probably missed her now (trying my best to hide the guilty look on my face).

I had to set a very quite alarm on my mobile that I'd tucked under my pillow - I woke up at 2am and used every bit of stealth I had in my body to sneak up there. It was pitch black (normally have low lights on but in my rant I'd turned them off). I knelt down when I was somewhere near n gently searched for her pillow. After fondling her legs, face, collection of teddies, n knocking over her water, I did the old 'switcheroo'. I cunningly tucked the envelope with the teeth under her matress (so I wouldnt be caught red handed) n headed for the door.... I stubbed my toe on the open door, which squeeked loudly, (the door not my toe) and I was swearing in my head profusely! She got a pound for one tooth and a dollar for the other :o)

Anyway - migration issues...

Its T-Minus 5 weeks before our flight to Perth! I've now sorted temp accomodation for first 2 weeks, then we're off to stay at rellies for a week, then back in another (nicer) rental for 5 weeks. SO we have accomodation now sorted up until 10th September.

We've sorted out an initial hire car, who will collect and deliver us (and all our suitcases) to our rental.

I've researched and talked to a car dealer about a car we like.

We've handed in our notice on the shoebox.

We've advised the kids' school n asked for hand-over files/reports for the three Perthettes.

We've notified banks, told my boss' at work, started ebaying some bit's n bobs, got our transport arranged to the airport, told relatives n friends the date of our flight (apart from my best friend who's asked not to be told). My twin sister in Scotland keep's ringing and blubbing, she's always been the emotional one, so I'm trying not to get drawn into THAT one. I'm hoping that I wont get too upset (especially in front of the kids) when we leave, I think i might have to steal a moment to myself to get it out in private??? So far though, I'm pretty emotion-less.

I'm feeling pretty positive and organised about it all at the moment. I'm still not sleeping mind you, I'm awaking at the moment about 5am daily, but I'm having good quality sleep up til then. The kids are very excited, the eldest (who's 8) is allowed to take a camera in to school on her last week tand I've said its OK for her friends to sign her polo shirt.

My diet has started again, (yeah the chocofattybumbum regime wasn't really working) - I'm being really good, (really I am)! I have been on the alc-hic-hol wagon for 3 days, jeese, that doesnt sound that long does it - but it is for me! No chocolate, crisps, or other crap - snacking on fruit and having small, low-fat meals, plenty of salad, I already feel better for it. Target weight loss is 2 to 3 lbs a week. I WILL NOT GO TO OZ FAT !!

There - I've said it now !


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Saturday 6 June 2009
Guess what I did yesterday?

Well we loaded up the car, and drove back from the coast yesterday - before leaving I had a quick look and the passports were on their way back !  So, we set off n were in the car about 2hours, I resigned myself to the fact that we will almost definately have missed the postie, so it would mean picking them up at least 24 hours later at local sorting office.

We got home and had the red card to say we'd missed a signed for package *sigh* ah well.!

We unpacked the car, and then we got a knock at the door .... you've guessed it... it was our passports back, with our lovely orange visa sticker's in! Wooopppeeeee!!!!   (You were right, they should've been gold embossed, stamped with the blood of a kangaroo or something!)

We had some lunch and decided we'd have a proper look for flights. We did, and almost booked the desired ones for the 14th July. When I say almost, we were scuppered by emirates who wouldnt let us book online as its so close to the date, so we had to reserve them, but had to travel over to Manchester Airport to pay for them (within 3 days or they'd be cancelled)!

So we did ! :o)

I said ..."why don't we go now"?

OH said... "yes....why dont we"?

So we did ! :o)

Another 2 hours later, in the rush-hour and rain and spray coming at us from every angle, we were the proud new owner's of 5 one-way flight ticket's to Perthfect Perth! :o)  WITH 50kg's baggage allowance!

So 6 hour's on the road, but boy was it worth it! :o)

Today (as the rain is still coming down side-ways - I managed to cross off at least 5 job's on my "to-do" list - we're getting there - slowly but surely.


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Wednesday 3 June 2009
Talk to the tissue - the face aint listening!

Yesterday our revised grant letter arrived, (Wooo-hooo) with the correct address on (the mattress). Luckily in my hast to pack for our few days away, I still managed to pack our passports, which really isn't that surprising because I eat, sleep, live and dream everything visa at the moment.

I have my little notebook here, but no printing facilities, so I manually wrote the covering letter out, then we set off for the nearest town in the hunt for a internet cafe where I could print the grant letter off.

I visited the local tourist information, who acurately directed us to an internet cafe that was no longer in use! (tsk) Then we wondered around desperately, in the vain hope of stumbling across another one, (stupid or what)!? It's amazing really, I'm quite shy sometimes, no really, I am .... but  I found myself asking a number of individual's (mostly holiday makers as it turned out) if they knew of any, but no,

It was hot, the kids were moaning, and in a last ditch attempt I asked a rather cuddly, young looking security guard in this shopping centre if he knew (he looked like he didnt know his @rse from his elbow) but he suprisingly was extremely articulate and guided us directly to one just 2 minutes walk away.

Why are these places always so dingey? Anyway the one we found was run by three pre-pubescent geeks, lanky, with equally lanky black hair, spots n teeth that could get letter's out of a letter box, one of them had half a tissue haging out of his left nostril, I talked to the tisse - I just couldn't take my eyes off it!

In seconds we were into the email and grant letter, I asked tissue-boy is I could print out the six pages, just black ink required, he charged me 80p for the privaledge, then brought it to me. When we flicked through it, it was obvious that the ink was running out, and the last couple of pages we barely readable. We had no choice but to accept this, and agreed that all the important info on the first 2 pages was ledgibale.

Then, a similar kind of hunt ensued for the Post Office ! Why oh why is everything so blimmin' difficult!??

So, anyway, it all went off to Australia House yesterday, I've tracked it, and it's arrived safely today. The return leg isn't showing yet, so hoprefully we'll be back in time to sign for it without having to go down to the sorting centre to retrieve it. I reckon it should arrive at the shoebox Friday/Saturday so we can book our flights this weekend.

We now know exactly what flight we want (14th July) and have already arranged a month let at a great house, not far from the freeway or train station in Padbury. The house isnt available until 7th August, so we will book another rental or bunk down at the rellies until it is.

I've been researching cars too, and have found a few that look OK that are within budget. The only problem is that I haven't heard of a lot of the makes or model's so am not sure if I'll be driving a totally street-cred-wrecking-mobile or not??

I'm still not sleeping with excitement, and a little worry about all the thing's we have to so before we leave - but at no point (so far anyway) have I panicked and though what the hell are we doing!!??

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Thursday 28 May 2009
Head still spinning

I woke up at 4am this morning, my head's still spinning, I just can't sleep, or concentrate on anything for any length of time. I turned the laptop on and we got our grant letter (Yay)!! BUT it has our old adress on (Boo)!! 

I rang DIAC and explained, they do have our new address on their system, it's some sort of technical gliche. The nice lady I spoke to said that it wasnt urgent as our initial entry date isnt until December!! I politely gave her some background that we did actually quite fancy coming out before December *shaking fist at the phone* and she agreed that she would do everything she could to speed a replacement grant letter up for us, but to be prepared for a 2 to 3 week wait!!  WAAHHHH !!!! NO WAY !!!

To cover all bases I also emailed them with the same just in case.......(Me? Not trusting ...nah)!

I'm absolutely cream crackered, the rellies rang at 7am (luckily) which woke me back up, there is so much to sort out, all the accomodation we like is unavailable, I think we might have to up our budget.  Also, renting a car is no problem, but ............... how the hell are we gonna get about 10 suitcases from the airport to our rental (or the rellies)??  I need to think, but just can't organise the contents of my brain at the moment.

OH finishes work tomorrow  (after lunch shift ) - I think they're gonna ask him to stay as long as he can, but our hearts and our mind's are already in Australia, I think he might do the odd "International Wine Night" but that's about it.

We're going away for a week , tomorrow afternoon - I think we are going to enjoy it more now, it will give us some space to think about things. No TV or other distractions so the evening's can be spent researching and looking at rentals, hire cars, schools, jobs etc etc, well, that's the plan anyway.....

We are hoping to book flights for either 14th July (if grant letter and passports back in time) or the 22nd. (only because it will cost about £1k more in flights if we go in between, either that or wait until the end of August, and we both feel like we have waited long enough.

Thanks for all your well wishes peeps - couldn't have coped without you all ((BE Peeps))

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Wednesday 27 May 2009
The rollercoaster ride is over .........

I signed onto the laptop this morning, I looked at OH's email's; DIAC replied to our PLE of last week ; our application was complete and a descision was being made - I immediately logged on to our evisa progress page thingy (oh you know what I mean) , and under each name is said ....


I screamed at OH (who was still in bed ....well in 'matress' - I ran into the bedroom and showed him, I started crying and shakin inside and out, the kids came running down the stairs, they were crying but had no blimmin' idea why  (when I cry they cry - bless 'em), we explained that we'd got our visa, and had a group hug and girlie cry, I was shaking with shock, excitement, and disbeleif!

It feel's like we were the unluckiest people on earth 2 months ago, and now things have done an about turn and I'm just so gobsmacked, I could cry now!! (soft cow)!

As soon as the visa sticker's are in our passports we can book our flights, we are getting out of this damned shoebox as soon as we can, gonna try to aim for 17th July or there-abouts.

I've rung everyone (first person was lovely Auntie Shirl in Perth - they were screaming down the phone at happy) everyone seems to have more question's than I have answer's for at the mo'!?

We are definately cracking open the Moet tonight, none of the cheap Pommaine tonight I can tell you!

More later - I just can't concentrate at the moment... I'm still shaking !

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Monday 25 May 2009
Coming down ......

I've been kinda "hyper" all weekend - I think I've only stopped my mental and physical cart-wheels about an hour ago, aand now I feel so happy (still) and also so exhausted.

On Friday I met the kids from school and told them the good news, they were as bad as me! #1 was running round all her friends telling them we had our visa, closely followed by me telling them we hadn't (yet)! It's such a complicated process isn't it, people just don't get it do they?

We had a bottle of pink champagne later, even gave the little one's a sip (please don't tell social services)!?

I slept soundly on friday night for a change, but woke up at 5.30, my mind still reeling in disbeleif that we are back at the front of the queue, and boy, does it feel good!

Saturday consisted on shopping, then to my Boss' house for lunch, then a wedding at 3 and the party afterwards at 5.30.

Sunday, visiting my sister who's down from Scotland, rang the rellies (sooo chuffed for us) shopping, friends for barbeque - what a lovely relaxed afternoon/evening we had, lovely food, comp;any, the sun was shining for a change, the kids had a bril time, and there was even some Aussie mates there who enjoyed giving us some advise! :o)

I've been kinda achey all day today, and I've been so lathargic, I've had a soak in the bath, and just can't keep my eye's open, I think I'm coming down from Cloud 9, it's very high I can tell you! :o)

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Friday 22 May 2009

What can I say??

The post came at 1.30pm this aft, I couldn't be bothered running down the stairs to get it, positive it'll be the usual junk or bills ..... I picked up a small white envelope, my eyes blurred as I recognised the WA logo on the front, I started shaking, I nearly started crying, just releived that something was here, scared that it might be rejection........... I was hysterical when I rang OH on his mobile, I half yelled, half cried - "Go outside I have some news!!"

The words blurred ........ "APPLICATION APPROVED" were the only words I could get out ..... I know it's not our visa, but boy, I can feel a lump in my throat just saying that we have our WA SSV approval !! *sniff* I can't tell you what this means to us, it's just the world, it's life changing, (for us anyway) it's right up threre with the birth of our kids, OK, OK it's not quite THAT good, but damn well close to it!!

We've already emailed our acceptance, have already raised a PLE to DIAC, and I feel sick with anticipation ........with excitement ...... hopefully later I'll feel sick with the champagne !! :o)

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Thursday 21 May 2009
Mad Stalker Psycho Bitch from Hell!

Usual day yesterday, after my normal hour of shouting at the kids in the morning we set off for school.... usual route, it's about 8 minutes drive (too far to walk and no pavements so please don't think I'm lazy) anyhoo, we live and go to school in 2 neighbouring villages, connected by a steep winding and narrow road, that unfortunately has quite a lot of traffic on too, Anyway, I drive up and down this road four times a day, and consider myself to be an excellent driver (not your typical woman driver - sorry ladies) any way, this stupid err woman, knocked my wing mirror, it banged back and the glass broke, now, this isnt the first time this has happened, this woman was in a company van, I looked in my rear view mirror and she didnt stop, so neither did I, and just chalked it down to experience, ah well, that's another £12 for a new glass, I continued to have a bit of a moan  for rest of the journey.

Now the village where the kids go to school, there are 3 first schools (a state school, a catholic school and a CofE School) a lot of left, rights, round corner's and more narrow bak streets in order to get parked up. I later I pull up nearish to school, get out and I'm confronted by this crazed mad stalker psycho bitch woman from hell, she gets out of her car and confronts me, saying she'll effing have me for the damage I've done to her car, I did stand up for myself and gave back as good as I got, the kids were crying, I held it in until I rang OH and asked for Police's non-emergency number to report what had happened - it's just not on is it?? To be shouted at and threatened in the street over something that wasnt even my fault!!??

I got to work n just burst in to tears (soft or what) I'm just not used to be treat like this, who gives her the right to threaten me, make my kids cry (I can still see #2's little shoulder's shaking as she lined up to go in), and think nothing of making me miserable!?  To make it worst my boss was sooo nice and even gave me a hug! Jeesee, he nearly broke my neck, but in about half an hour he then started taking the mick out of me as usual! Bless him...

So, to cut a long story short, I had to produce my documents to local Cop Shop, and hopefully she got a visit too! (Bitch) I was awake all last night worrying about it all, and am knackered now.  OH has come with me today in the hope we'd see her again - he's 6ft 3 and can be very scarey ! God I love him!

I'm so very very please to see Rodger_Lawson get his WA SSV (told ya you were next), let's hope it's not going to be too long now for us now ......???

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